HostMonster vs Blue Host – The Hosting War of Family Members

blue-host-review-planFor companies that are debating the choice between HostMonster vs Blue Host, you may find that it is going to be a difficult decision to make. Both of these online hosts are ran by the same hosting company, offering a different hosting services package, and charging different prices to choose from. They may be run by the same company, but they are separate brands and you should really learn the difference between the two before buying a hosting package from one of them.

Both of these are going to use the same hosting specs and the same types of features (for the hosting services which they provide), which might make the decision of choosing HostMonster vs Blue Host a bit more difficult for the business owner, as well. Additionally, both of the services are going to be able to offer phone support to customers, email support, and will do online chatting with their clients. If they are in need of additional services after hours, or for a particular question, they might have the support is always within reach. You never know when you might need help. It doesn’t matter if you are pro or just learning because you still might find yourself needing help at some point and they will be there to help you whenever you do need some help and that can be a great relief to you when you are trying to put together your website to know that they are always there and will try their best to help you out in anyway possible.

HostMonster vs Blue Host Web Hosting Review – A Bit More Information

When considering HostMonster vs Blue Host, the type of business the company runs might be a determining factor in which of the two hosting companies they are going to rely on for services. With Blue Host, their web hosting is more geared towards the professional style business page. Therefore, the marketing they use, the site set up, page options, usability, and all other features and hosting they will do, is going to be geared to the business consumers. This really helps people who have businesses. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or a big business because you should be able to find something that you can use with Blue Host to help out your business and many appreciate this when they have a business.

This also means that the server quality is likely to be a bit higher, and the performance and reliability will also outperform HostMonster in a variety of ways. Although the services are $6.95 per month, which seems like a very cheap and reasonable monthly fee, it is significantly higher than what consumers are going to pay with HostMonster. However, if you seek a reliable hosting service, Blue Host will do the job.

When considering HostMonster, consumers will find that it is geared more for all types of sites and content. Although the original price is $6.95 as well, consumers can find hundreds of coupons online, which will give them a price cut for services down to $3.95 a month, making it far cheaper on a monthly basis than Blue Host. This is a very cheap price at $3.95 per month and you can hardly find that kind of price almost anywhere else. It shows that they are trying hard to find quality hosting at a cheap price. A lot of people just don’t have the money it takes when it comes to spending it on hosting and as a result they might not go with something but now thanks to places like HostMonster they can afford getting hosting at a price that they can afford. However, Blue Host also has some cheap prices and some people say that they are not very expensive. It really all depends on what you can afford and what your personal needs might be in regards to hosting.

The hosting they will provide is going to be more generalized, and the marketing tactics and techniques, which will be utilized, are not going to be as complex as that of Blue Host. However, for the price, and for the reliability of services, if you are a business owner and do not need a “professional look” or a business savvy type site, then HostMonster is a great option to consider. They are fast, reliable, and offer support to their customers when needed, all for a great low monthly price for services.

Between it being reliable and having fantastic support you know that whatever happens or comes up you won’t have to worry about anything. Some hosting companies have a bad reputation because of the way that they treat their customers but both HostMonster and Blue Host have both of those things so you might have to compare some more to see what one might be the best option for you to go with for your hosting.

hostmonster-review-planHostMonster vs Blue Host – The Final Thoughts
The choice of picking between HostMonster vs Blue Host can be tough for consumers and business owners. Both are reliable, fast, and will provide their customers the services they need, any support they might require, and the fastest responses, for an exceptionally low price. Additionally, users will get unlimited domains, transfer rates, and space with no hidden fees when choosing either of these services.

Therefore, the main question when choosing between HostMonster vs Blue Host, is whether or not it is a professional style site, where the highest quality and designs have to be used, or whether it is a less formal site, where everyday individuals are visiting to make purchases from the site. For more professional services, Blue Host might be the choice, and for those that the highest levels of professionalism are not required, then the cheaper option of HostMonster is also going to do an exceptional job in hosting your site and its content.

It will always be an ongoing debate, but if you make your decision based on our HostMonster Review vs Blue Host Review, you can rest assured that you will have a top hosting company providing a solid foundation for your website or blog.

Hosting Review – HostMonster WordPress Hosting
I’ve recently changed to HostMonster WordPress hosting because I need a stable blog hosting provider. I’ve changed my previous provider to HostMonster and there are few things I want to inform you about. First, is that HostMonster hosting is an all-in-one type of package, which to be honest, sounds suspicious.

After few days of using it, I’ve realized that this is an all-in-one package because HostMonster doesn’t want to charge you for all the extra things you need from your hosting. This means that your HostMonster WordPress hosting, not only can host WordPress, but it also can host other content management systems like Joomla, phpBB, and Drupal. However, if you want more, you can use one of many free of charges scripts, like ZenCart, PrestaShop, RoundCube system, and many more.

With all these features I know I am getting everything I need. This helps in many ways with design and with the function of the site. By using WordPress I am able to manage everything from one place and this is known as the most popular content management system out there and you can do more with it like I do.

Why WordPress Hosting Matters to You

Okay, so you think an all-in-one package from HostMonster WordPress hosting must be one of more expensive hosting choices? Nevertheless, it is not one of the more expensive choices out there. HostMonster monthly subscription is only $3.95. This is actually one of the cheapest choices in the web hosting market. For that price, you will get a server, cPanel with tons of ready to use systems and scripts, as well as unlimited databases and email accounts. They even provide you with a free domain name.

HostMonster WordPress hosting can also host all of your other systems via cPanel. I’ve already mention Joomla, phpBB and Drupal, let’s say you wish to create a sub-website for your blog. This is a satellite site that will gather your traffic and redirect it to your main site. You no longer have to buy additional server space to do this because HostMonster allows you to do it from your one account.

You can do this, because you not only have unlimited MySQL databases, but also unlimited space and options to forward, edit, and configure all your websites. The cPanel is also a good tool for those who don’t know how to write in HTML code. Sometimes WordPress requires you to edit some things manually and if you don’t know where or how, you are usually in big trouble.

The cPanel is and easy to use graphical interface that will help you adjust your options just the way you wanted them to be. It is also very intuitive, but if you, for some reason, get lost you can always look up one of the tutorials or help sections in the cPanel. Most of them are video tutorials so even if you don’t “speak” computer language you will know how to deal with your problem.

With all the video tutorials and written tutorials, you can start to figure out exactly what you need and how each function of the system works. You can do so much with WordPress that anybody can design a website and manage it. Many will be able to teach themselves how to use WordPress just through trial and error. This is a perfect system for beginners and those with experience.

More Things You Get From HostMonster Hosting

Speaking of dealing with problems, there is always one type of problem or another, and the best hosting companies help you handle these. Of course, it’s the customer support section, which has caused the most issues with other hosting companies I have used. Some companies don’t have a competent staff and others simply don’t hire friendly and helpful employees.

It makes a huge difference when you need support if you choose a friendly staff that will help you in many ways. You need to get the best hosting and tools for you and with this type of hosting you will get exactly what you need.

After year of using HostMonster I’ve have only used the customer support a few times, mainly because I’ve put some files on server that crashed my site. Not only have they always been there with a real person for me, but also they have always helped me restore my websites to the time before I’ve created this mess. Overall, I can recommend you to try out HostMonster.

They have a 24/7 support policy to guarantee you get everything you need when you need it. It’s a great hosting service providing customers with good website systems. You can get HostMonster WordPress hosting and use it for 30 days for free without having to worry because they have a money back guarantee.

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