HostMonster vs FatCow: Cheap Hosting Service Comparison

hostmonster-logoChoosing a web hosting service between HostMonster vs FatCow always involves an analysis and comparison in all things, so it can assist you in making decisions and choices. These are two of the top choices in web hosting, which means either way you will have a great hosting company to support you.

HostMonster vs FatCow – Basic Overview
HostMonster web hosting is a service that has been around since 1996 and houses hundreds of thousands customer domains. Their hosting service is derived from the same company with BlueHost. They almost have the same features and price. Meanwhile, FatCow is a hosting company that has been around since 1998 and houses more than 30,000 domains. FatCow hosting service offers a very inexpensive quality service. Currently, FatCow hosting service carrying green (green hosting) a ‘friendly’ to the environment.

HostMonster Review vs FatCow Review – Feature Plan and Pricing

FatCow Hosting and the HostMonster service have similar plan and features. Both hosting services competitively provide the same unlimited facility for their customer activities in the hosting area. Despite having the same facilities and features, but differ in price. FatCow hosting service has the normal price of $5.50 per month, and a special discount price for their customers of $4.83 per month.

For hosting services from HostMonster, the normal price is $5.95 per month, and a special discount price to customers of $4.95 per month is possible. What makes it interesting is that at FatCow, they call their hosting service package a package of Nutrients because of its name. FatCow actually means ‘a fat cow’.

HostMonster vs FatCow – Hosting Capabilities
HostMonster provides top-of-the-range server hosting services, which is monitored by a team of specialists every hour. When dealing with the servers performance, HostMonster has a service up time guarantee of 99.9%. This calculation is not arbitrary because they are calculated and monitored by a third party service , thoroughly and professionally. They note that the average time of 99.5% from January to September, with the highest in September at 99.92% and lowest in June at 99.15%.

FatCow hosting services also provide a 99% up time guarantee. This is not surprising considering that most top companies offer this guarantee. They also monitor their systems around the clock for any breach of security and ensure fast upload/download to the server by making multi-Gigabyte connections available for maximum speed and transfer data. You can catch a glimpse at their testimonial’s page and see customer happiness with the service reliability of FatCow.

HostMonster vs FatCow – Customer Support

Do you prefer to contact hosting customer service by email, phone, or live chat with their professional staff? Well then, you are covered for customer support from both web hosting company because they are available in all three methods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, more interesting, FatCow hosting service also have something what they call “Heifercratic Oath” in which they promise to answer your call in less than 2 minutes, solve your problems on the first call, and much more. To better provide the support you will have access to a library of FAQs and step-by-step tutorials.

fat-cow-supportHostMonster vs FatCow – Conclusion
It is quite difficult to determine, which is best between HostMonster vs FatCow, because both services equally offer unlimited features and the price is very affordable for customers. You cannot go wrong if you choose to take advantage of HostMonster and FatCow as your hosting solution, because both hosting service has the industry experience and dedication to providing the best service with unlimited plans and affordable prices.

Either way, HostMonster vs FatCow, you will have a top hosting company and all you have to do now is decide which one is going to benefit you the most.

Using HostMonster Windows Hosting For True Benefits
Using the HostMonster Windows hosting can give you everything you need to get the right hosting for your project. They provide many features at an affordable price within their hosting package. This is one of the top companies on the internet and will give you many things you cannot get elsewhere.

When starting a website or blog, the first important decision is which hosting company you will use and what type of hosting you will use. If you already use Windows programs for design, then getting Windows based hosting only makes sense. This will give you many options you don’t get from other hosting packages and can help you get your site or blog up fast and easy.

You must also trust the company you choose since they will provide the foundation for your site. If you don’t find confidence in the company you look at for your hosting, then you need to look into another company. HostMonster is trusted by many and they can provide exactly what you need for your new project.

Web hosting is basically a type of internet service, which helps an individual or an organization to allow the accessibility of their respective websites to the people all across the globe. This can be achieved with the aid of internet. There are web hosts, which provide the provision of space on their server, and allow respective clients to utilize the space as well as providing an internet connectivity for the network.

Web hosting also assists various data centers by providing them required space and internet connectivity. It is the job of the customer or the client to decide what kind of hosting he/she wishes to have. The operating system, scripting software, and database server software are three prime requirements of web hosting and the top choices come from HostMonster Windows hosting.

microsoft-windows-logoMore About Windows Hosting

While considering a specific operating system, the customer can choose any of those, which are available, however, Linux and Windows are considered to be the two most famous operating systems. Various web hosting service providers are available in the market today and with the many choices, it can become very confusing. It is very important for the customer or the client to make the right choice and take advantage of all the benefits of a good and reputed service provider.

HostMonster Windows hosting provides one of the best web hosting services. HostMonster is considered to be the best in the business and their windows hosting services have been provided to customers online since 1996. With so many years of experience in the hosting industry, they have discovered the best ways to support their customers and provide the necessary value in their hosting package.

Thousands of businesses have flourished with the help provided by this highly esteemed web hosting company all across the globe. Various personal websites have also taken the assistance of HostMonster windows hosting company in order to develop their business by hosting their respective websites. An unlimited amount of space and bandwidth are provided by the HostMonster company for all customers.

There are free and unlimited domains, which can be hosted by the client. Reliability has always been the key to success on the World Wide Web. Keeping the above mentioned facts in mind, you can easily understand why HostMonster is one of the best choices. Top customer service is the prime concern of the company and they only use the best quality equipment to provide quality services.

Understanding the hosting you will get makes a difference and you will find that some hosting companies simply are not as good as others. HostMonster has been around for many years and has a great reputation. They are known for supporting their customers in the best way and providing the services you pay for and more.

Why HostMonster Hosting is so Great

The backups that are stored ensure maximum security and data protection. Even the provision of MySQL databases and other FTP mechanisms are made by the help of HostMonster windows hosting to sustain productivity. In order to take full advantage of the services offered by the HostMonster hosting company an individual or an organization has to pay a certain fixed amount monthly.

The cost happens to be the driving factor of the HostMonster hosting company to keep on providing quality services in the field of web hosting. This amount or cost is much less in comparison to the fees charged by other web hosting companies offering similar services in the hosting industry.

You may find a cheaper hosting company out there, but not with the same quality. There is certainly a balance you must find between price, features, and quality, which HostMonster has. You need the best for you that fits your budget and their package will do exactly that.

Hence high quality work gets done at a much lower price when you choose HostMonster. There are different internet hosting packages offered by the HostMonster windows hosting company, which assists the individuals and their respective businesses to obtain high-powered quality service at a discounted price.

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