HostMonster vs LunarPages – All You Need to Know

monster-hostmonsterHostMonster vs LunarPages comparison was made because many users want to choose the best hosting company, but they do not have the time or they feel difficulty in choosing a hosting service. So, hopefully with a comparison between HostMonster vs LunarPages, it can be easier to decide, which hosting service to choose.

HostMonster vs LunarPages – Plan Features and Pricing
Most site owners do not have the time or enough basic knowledge to conduct research on hosting companies, but there is good news. HostMonster has only one plan for its customers. It is not like LunarPages, which has a few plans, which can sometimes be confusing, but also give you some options to choose from.

One plan HostMonster offers to its users includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space on their servers, and a domain name free for two years after enrollment. The same price given by the LunarPages provides a 2-year service agreement for their basic plan. You will get is 1500 GB of disk space on their servers and 15,000 GB bandwidth per month. LunarPages has more plans that they offer and they cost more, while HostMonster gives you more with the one plan, at an affordable price than any of the LunarPages plans.

HostMonster vs LunarPages – General Terms

Another important comparison between the two hosting services is between the tools they use to set up your website. Both hosting provides installation and service agreements is gradual, but HostMonster use Simple Scripts to provide a convenience to customers to add their blogs, picture albums, forums, online stores, web design, etc. in one click. This means everything you need is simple not difficult and you will not require the assistance of a qualified technician.

LunarPages uses an application program called Fantastico. Although this program is popular and the best, it does have limitations. For example, Simple Scripts may be downloaded and placed in any directory. However, Fantastico can only be installed on the main directory. Plugins must also be combined with local Fantastico, but Simple Scripts does not require any installation. Simple Scripts actually work in a professional and easy way. Free upgrades will be sent to your email, so it can be installed.

HostMonster vs LunarPages – Support Service
LunarPages and HostMonster are both providing the best service and support to their customers. One of the LunarPages services can help novice users get answers to their questions, which is very helpful. Not only that, LunarPages also helps provide a list of specific terms for the owner of the site to access at any time.

Unfortunately, they have some problems in providing solutions to their customers; they do not include toll-free assistance numbers. However, it is different with HostMonster web hosting services as they provide their customers a toll-free number and live to chat to help you immediately solve any problems associated with their hosting.

HostMonster vs LunarPages – Capability
Both of these web hosting companies can give you exactly what you need. LunarPages and HostMonster provide a guarantee of at least 99.9% up time and reliable website services with fast servers, secure, and robust. However, as already mentioned above, LunarPages will give you a limited amount of bandwidth and server space.

LunarPages plans unfortunately do not offer dedicated servers or a personal IP address. Therefore, if you are a big player, you need to consider this. However, if not, HostMonster with unlimited bandwidth is more cost effective, and it will be very suitable for those of you who want a reliable quality at an affordable price. So when looking at HostMonster vs LunarPages, the clear choice for your hosting is HostMonster.

Why Would you Want to Choose HostMonster WWW Hosting?
If you are like me, and you are looking for good a web hosting service you should check out HostMonster www, and their offer. In the past I’ve was using another hosting service. My servers and www sites where going down at least once a month. Sometimes if their maintenance went wrong my files were removed from server, and therefore some errors could appear on my site or my site could entirely go down. I got sick of this nonsense and started to look for some alternatives.

I’ve check out many different hosting services, but HostMonster www was just the best for me. For starters, you buy one cheap subscription plan for $5.95 per month. You can get this hosting even cheaper if you pay for a full year or more up front. With this subscription plan, you will get a 99.9% guaranteed up time of your www on HostMonster hosting.

What HostMonster WWW Gives You
With the main package, you will get one free domain name and you won’t be charged any additional costs. You will also get access to unlimited disk space, unlimited MySQL databases as well as PostgreSQL databases, and unlimited email accounts on your domains. The HostMonster www package provides you with cPanel, which is the most widely used and recognized hosting panel in whole world.

CPanel is a built-in management tool that helps you create new sites on your server with the most popular systems like PHP 5, Perl 5, Python, and Ruby. It also allows the user to add custom scripts to them, configure all your email options for any email accounts and is also helpful to create new MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, as well as manage your domains and other server options.

This cPanel has a fully graphical interface. It’s intuitive and easy to use for beginners and veterans. With the assistance of cPanel, you can create your own WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal websites in just a few clicks. HostMonster www also supports popular systems like Roundcube, PrestaShop, ZenCart, phpBB, and many more. When it comes to customer support, there are always some problems with hosting companies.

My Thoughts on HostMonster WWW
I was pleasantly surprised when I first contacted the HostMonster customer support. HostMonster www provides you with 24/7 live chat with real people from the customer support team. You don’t have to deal with just a bot answering your general questions anymore. You can contact them via Skype, email or phone, but the best part is you don’t have to stay on hold for longer than just a couple minutes.

Oh, and did I mention using the HostMonster customer support is free? Not only that, but customer support can actually access your server and its files remotely to change or fix your current problems. HostMonster is also well known for its security and world-class data center. It has mounted OC-48 Backbone connection, Quad Core Processor Performance hosting servers, along with a UPS Power Backup generator. In addition, all these options are fully functional for users from any part of the globe.

You can try to crash the server manually, but it will just not happen. Even if you are that type of person that forgets to do manual backups, HostMonster will do that for you automatically. As for me, there is no other choice out there because of how good HostMonster www service.

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