What are the Best Blog Hosting Sites For the Professional?

blogging host selectionHow to Select the Best Blog Hosting Websites
Deciding on the best blog hosting sites for your blog is a decision that cannot be made too lightly. Many hosting companies are available in the marketplace, but before you can consider their offerings you must first figure out the needs of your blog, and your own technical abilities in order to make the best possible decision.

The three main blogging platforms today are b2evolution, Joomla and WordPress. These are popular for both business and personal use and dependent on the nature of your blog, your blog hosting needs may vary, and you will want to use one of these platforms or another.

What to Consider When Choosing a Blogging Host
The needs of the blog must be considered before the host can be determined. You may wish to create a blog that expresses your opinions on different types of food, fashion, or your life experiences. If your intention is to connect with other bloggers and share opinions, and you are not concerned with making money, then a free web host will be adequate for your needs.  However, free hosting is usually awful, and you do not control the content, it can be yanked for no reason at all.
Should your intention be to make money by marketing your home made jams and jellies, then you will require several other services and functionality that a paid web host provides, and are essential to the operation of a business site. If you use a free web host you will need to agree to the host company displaying they own ads on your blog in exchange for the free web space they offer. In addition, the free domain offered will contain the host name in it, the host will provide little or no support, and you may be prevented from transferring your content to another host, because the free host may claim it as theirs.
When you use a paid host, you will be provided with technical support, the ability to back up your files, the freedom to fully customize your site as you wish, and the ability to transfer it to another host if you choose.  This is the much preferred method, and it’s really very affordable for a cheap shared hosting package from a great web host.
When you decide on web hosting services for your blog, it is important to be familiar with a basic HTML knowledge, and various encoding techniques and methods so you can promote your blog. If you are not technically savvy, and you would like to blog for profit or to journal on your hobbies and interests, then you should a choose blog hosting provider for your hosting needs.  Joomla is great for larger sites, while the amount of plugins for WP make it super user friendly.
Achieving Your Goals With One of The Best Blog Hosting Sites As A Partner
When you are looking for the best blog hosting sites be mindful of your goals for your website. Selecting a reputable paid web hosting service should be the choice for your blog if you are monetizing it. There are many good resources online that provide helpful information to this end, and we have also compiled information on our site that you could access to get help in making your hosting decision.

Check out our best blog hosting picks and our top web hosting picks of 2011 to see which hosts we think are best.

Bloggers Need to Consider a Joomla Host

How to Select the Perfect Joomla Hosting
Joomla is one example of a CMS or content management system that has become the industry’s standard for web development. The great benefit of this open source CMS is that it allows anyone without formal training in web design to easily administer to a website and to create quite elaborate looking sites for themselves and their clients.

When looking for a Joomla host you should be aware of the feature offerings of the host. What follows are the basic features any web host must offer its customers.

Basic Hosting Requirements (Joomla Host or Other CMS)
Customer support available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Support should be responsive, efficient, and effective and reachable by email and telephone also.
Host should provide high bandwidth, adequate storage and unlimited email accounts.
Shopping cart with free setup.
An uptime guarantee of 99% or greater is important to the smooth operating of the business and to allow uninterrupted access for customers to the website. If the server crashes, possible loss of revenue will occur and customer credibility may be damaged.
While every attempt should be made to acquire cheap hosting, the cheapest package is not a bargain is it does not also come with a trustworthy, reputable, and reliable host that provides the basic hosting requirements of a business.
Specific Features to Expect a Joomla Web Host to Offer
cPanel servers are needed for proper execution of Joomla. Permission problems will not be an issue if the host’s servers support this graphical interface.
Access to CGI scripts is important because these scripts will require permission before they can be accessed. If a host offer these in its plans, then the permissions would be pre-written and pre-approved.
PHP versions must be the latest versions for Joomla to properly execute.
Joomla runs on a variety of platforms, so these must be available on the host. These platforms include Apple OS, Linux or Windows servers, and a few versions of UNIX operating systems.
A plentiful supply of MySQL databases
Email aliases are important for a business to allow its website to appear in a professional manner. For example, the business will need addresses such as techsupport@, sales@ to create a more professional appearance.
While not necessary, a web host sometimes permits the download of the core Joomla software, and provides free Joomla support and free Joomla templates.
These are some of the things to consider if you are looking for a Joomla host. To be able to make a decision on the right host for you, access the many reviews and resources available online and also be certain to browse our web pages on this site for information to allow you to make an informed decision, check out our top ten web hosting picks for 2011 and our best Joomla hosting picks as well.

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