Budget Web Hosting

Hosting a website is a potentially costly endeavor, especially if you’re new to the Internet. With so many different web hosts out there offering a large variety of service plans and capacities, choosing the best web host for your own project can be a difficult choice to make if you don’t have the right information.

It seems like these web hosts are all claiming the same things, you have to read in between the lines.  It pays to ask around, read web hosting reviews, and chose a top provider (usually their budget web hosting starter package).

How To Sniff Out Reliable Budget Web Hosting Providers

Do Your Due Diligence – Research

1) Research everything that you can find as you are starting your web host search. Read up on reviews of each web host that have been published by their users, and gather all of the vital information that you’ll need to get a web hosting service which is both reliable and affordable.

Pick through the reviews of all the top web hosts and you’ll find patterns that emerge…usually one web host is really good at one things, and another is great at something else.  They all tend to specialize in certain niches.  Although, the really big  web hosting companies try to cover all their bases.

Look For Complaints From Reliable Sources – Avoid Budget Web Hosting That Has Problems

2) When you’ve narrowed this down, look up each company’s reputation and see if there are numerous complaints which have been lodged against them. Don’t pursue any company that has had more than five serious complaints against them in the past year, as that is a good indicator of their general reputation.

Of course, be sure that you find these complaints on more than one site, if the complaints are all on one site than the site could be fraudulently trying to steer you towards one particular web host.  Yes, we see this all the time.

Online Forums Can Be Helpful

3) Read through and join an online forum that discusses your web host of choice. At these forums, you can also learn about many helpful ideas regarding web hosting in general.

Reading through these forums, you can ask any questions that you may have about hosting your website, and your fellow webmasters can provide very useful answers to you based on their personal experiences.

Customer Service – Consistency – Up Time – Speed

4) Learn about how the web hosting company deals with customer service issues, technical issues, and how organized they are in general. Usually, inexpensive web hosting companies only have a few customer service representatives and technical support staff on hand.

Alternately, others don’t cannot afford to even offer these services to their customers, so avoid using any company which is so small they they cannot support you, the consistency of their hosting, or keep your own website running at a good speed at all times.

Remember that budget web hosting packages will be shared hosting plans and that you will be sharing web server space with other sites, the prices are cheap, but it this is the lowest form of paid hosting.  If you want better budget web hosting packages check out VPS hosting, it’s not much more expensive and it really packs a virtual punch.

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