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What Does Web Hosting Mean? If you want to put your website online, you need some form of web hosting to do it. Web hosting will become necessary after you register your domain name and get that all set up.

Dedicated, VPS, & Shared Hosting

You can try one of three types of web hosting services when it comes time to decide. Dedicated server hosting, virtual private server hosting, and shared web hosting are your options. If you want to switch to a new web host, then you should bear in mind the following factors.

Whatever account you have right now, you need to make sure you start your search several days beforehand at least. This way, your website will be online as long as possible. Prior to going over to the web host you want to go with, it is necessary to back up this website that you already have so you can easily transfer it later.

What’s more, check out the chmod permissions you have on the files and folders you possess. You have to make sure to reset those permissions once you put the files on the web server you will have. You need to copy all of the databases as well.

Not only that, you need to figure out what exactly you need from a web host before you pick one, such as the cost of the hosting service, as well as the services that are provided.

There are users who operate businesses that can decide on these requirements, which include but are not limited to:

Picking what web hosting you want to go with: There are dedicated and shared servers to pick from. Dedicated servers are the ideal option for websites that anticipate quite a bit of traffic, as the shared server doesn’t provide as much bandwidth.

The more complicated your application is, as well as your information requirements, the more you’ll need a dedicated server.

Hosting operating system: Those websites that are meant to work with JSP and ASP want to get Windows hosting, especially if they need MS SQL or MSACCESS capacilities and the like. However, Cold Fusion and other such technologies require the use of either Windows or Linux, as it can work with both.

Storage Space and Bandwidth: You can find a lot of web hosts nowadays who are providing gigabytes of storage space, but you have to be sure that the web host you’re working with gives you the amount of space that you require.

Sub Domain and Parked Domain Needs: If your website has a lot of traffic, you will need parked domains, but sub domains will also help your website fare better in search engines. You can find plenty of extra costs inherent in these services.

Incredibly Up time: There are web hosts that give you 99.99% up times, but they will cost quite a bit more; however, they are perfect for businesses, so invest in that if you have a business website.

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