CPanel Hosting

The cPanel control panel offers a web hosting service called, simply, cPanel hosting. The software provides a fully functional, internet-based platform permitting you to control your website by using common web browsing capabilities. The basic design and substantial power of cPanel’s design offers novices the capacity to undertake otherwise difficult jobs of server governance with surprising simplicity.

The hosting options offered by cPanel gives you all of the necessary tools to oversee management of your website, including email account administration, database creation, file management and software installations. These features make cPanel the most popular control panel software option around today.

The benefits of cPanel hosting stem largely from an impressive control panel

This control panel provides a wide range of options to server administrators and customers alike. Front-end options available to you include the capacity to review statistical analysis of your website, to oversee GnuPG encryption tools, utilize FrontPage extensions and create tailored cron jobs able to launch at pre-determined intervals.

An additional distinguishing feature is its ability to provide support for numerous third-party applications and plug-in tools. Among the most significant such add-on is called Fantastico, which is provides an amazing number of software programs in script format, which can be installed right away. Some may find software installation on a server to be difficult, though Fantastico makes the process much easier because it facilitates quick installation through a series of simple clicks.

Among the desirable scripts provided by cPanel hosting are applications including Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Mambo, phpBB, Cube Cart and more. There are another 50 programs encompassed by Fantastico, all of which are complimentary for those purchasing the hosting service.

Another great thing about cPanel is that it permits the web hosting service provider to automatically perform many of its daily server administration duties. In contrast to many other control panels, this is a program able to administer a broad array of software programs completely apart from the operating system already in place.

Therefore, administrators have the ability to automate their upgrading of important features, including the MySQL database function, PHP programming, Apache web servers and other software elements.

This ensures that service providers are able to ensure timely updates to all packages and guarantee control panel compatibility. The capacity also makes certain that clients always get the best and safest web applications through their cPanel hosting relationship.

The Relevance of WebHostManager (WHM)

Based on the type of service agreement, cPanel hosting may provide an integrated application called WHM. An abbreviation for Web Host Manager, WHM represents an internet-based function able to give administrators the option of developing and overseeing web hosting accounts through the server itself.

In addition to providing root level availability for administrators, this also offers access to reseller clients who have received the appropriate permissions. Reselling clients who have cPanel hosting plans receive fewer tools and options than root users. Server administrators generally govern access to such privileges, and will limit them to only those relevant to the reseller hosting and specific needs, rather than to the complete server.

For resellers, WHM is a great option because it helps them properly oversee their own customers while the end customer has the ability to run its own sites using the more limited, yet quite effective incarnation of cPanel.

Reasons to Select cPanel Hosting

Many choose cPanel hosting simply due to its status as the most effective control panel available. This is software that is simple for both clients and server administrators to utilize, and it offers automation capabilities for almost all website management functions.

It is possible to access cPanel through all standard web browsers, and therefore it is not necessary to be seated at your specific computer in order to manage a website. If you can make your way to an internet-connected computer, you can access the control panel and manage your site easily.

Frequently operated on the Apache web server and the Linux platform, cPanel is typically a more cost effective alternative to other control panel options, and offers industry-leading performance standards.

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