Server Load

A server load is more than a value, it’s how many processes are waiting in queue to be processes. Usually has values beginning with 0.00, in a x.xx format. The smaller the number becomes means less items waiting to be processed in turn releasing the necessary resources. The higher the number can result in poor server performance.

Look To The CPanel

You can normally find the server load function in your control panel of your web hosting account under “Server Status”, which will show you the server load value and when refreshing the page, you should see this value change. This value is calculated in real time therefore is instantaneous. It’s not important to know the server load value. Knowing what it means is the most important part.

On a server with a single CPU, it’s important to keep the value below 1.00. Stay below 2.00, and so on, if the server is is on a dual CPU. People will experience a slow website if and when you reach this limit.

The values reflect a common number of queued processes. Because of abuse and typical backups, all servers slow down at times. It’s typical for hosting providers to schedule certain events, that require a great deal of resources, to take place during slower traffic times such as weekends. Although the values mentioned above are typical values, there are CPU’s that are powerful enough to handle above the standard 1.00.

The server load value isn’t always perfect due to some processes taking less time to perform. There are some the are inserted into queue with a different priority. Most cases, processes with a low priority will pass through a new server request instantly.

If It Ain’t Broken Don’t Fix It

Server load can be just a number. In the world of business, when a page is running fast and smooth, the value doesn’t matter and the server load can be 10.0 on a single CPU. The most important part of this process is the outcome.

If users on the server are experiencing problems, that when a server load becomes an issue. The metric is an easier way to see your current server is compared to the industry standard. Like people say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” which is as true in the server world as it is for any.

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