Contextual Advertising

The Internet has become much more interactive over the years, increasing in speed on a regular basis by offering movies, games, music and video clips. We have become a world of watchers rather than readers, more people would prefer to get their information from a video than by reading an article.

We, as webmasters, view the internet very differently and we understand the power of viral marketing with many forms of media, including video.

Contextual advertising is still a very powerful force in the marketing industry and many high income online businesses have made contextual advertising services, such as Google Adwords work well for them over a long period, and when done well, it is still incredibly effective.

Contextual advertising has many different uses, all of which vary in their efficacy, which is why you need to consider the information offered here about the advantages, disadvantages and differences of using contextual advertising and social media.

Contextual Advertising – What is it?

Contextual advertising is an umbrella name for the strategically placed banners ads containing flash animation, text blocks, and small videos inserted into the sidebar on a web page. Contextual advertising gets its name from the fact that it is served up based on the context of the web page, you get something you might actually want to click on, that relates to the subject you have searched for.

An excellent example of contextual advertising is Google Adwords, an advertising service, which allows you to place ads for your site on another website associated with your niche

Contextual Advertising – How Does it Work?

Google already uses bots to index data on web pages, so they converted this into a service where you can bid on certain key words, and when they are detected on a website, they serve your ad to the location the webmaster chooses to locate their Google Adsense ads. One of the drawbacks of contextual advertising for webmasters with less experience is that it requires expertise and a bit of upfront investment to bring about success with any speed. Every major business out there utilizes contextual advertising so competition is high.

Social Media – What is it?

Social media advertising is any form of ad or media that is put onto a social media site to drive traffic to your web page, or to advertise a product brand. Social media can be a very easy and usually free way to generate web traffic with little investment in time and no financial investment at all. Creating an interesting video and uploading it to YouTube can push huge amounts of traffic to your website almost instantly.

Social media is a great marketing tools because you can create an amazing amount of traffic and gain notoriety quickly with a minimum of effort on your part.

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