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When you take advantage of web hosting, you are working with a service provider to put up a website that you create, so that the whole of the Internet can access it.

More and more today, people are offering these services at no cost, provided it’s the right company and plan. There are both paid and free versions of these types of services.

Free Web Hosting

You can find many different web hosting varieties that will suit different people’s needs. Free web hosting is one option – you don’t have to pay any money with this one. Instead, advertisements will be placed on the website. Free hosting services can usually come in handy for people with personal web pages, as their requirements are few and far between.

Shared Hosting — A Step Up From Free Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is next; in this situation, a website shares a server with other websites and accounts, all using the same level of bandwidth. You can find thousands of websites on there at any given time. You will then use the same pool of server resources. Conversely, you can find clustered hosting, where one web page will be hosted on several servers.

You can do this in order to make better use of the available resources. Managed web hosting is another option. You can host your own web page with this, but you don’t get to handle all of the server’s various functions. You don’t get to modify the settings on the server, since the configuration can change on a while. In cases like this, you will have the server on a lease, but you don’t possess it outright.

Dedicated Web Hosting — A Huge Step Up From Free Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is on the other end of the spectrum. Using dedicated web hosting, you can indeed control the server totally, and manage the web page all on your own, with no oversight. This choice is perfect for those individuals who are aware about what web hosting they want to use. One innovative option is virtual dedicated web hosting.

You can use a server with this service that gives off the illusion of dedicated hosting, but the truth is that they are using a kind of shared hosting. Virtual space will be cut off to them with this web hosting variety. If you want to host your own web page, you could try reseller web hosting. You can get different sized accounts for these, and different names can all be used.

Collocation web hosting is the costliest kind available. With this, the hosting company offers the physical space to the user, who owns that colo server. With this type of hosting, only some storage and the Internet are made available to them. Just look into all these different kinds of web hosting before you select the one you want.

Different people need different things for their websites, it is necessary to look over what you need before making your choice. You can find whatever info you need online, no matter what kind of web page you need. The Internet is a great place to find the information you require to make the right decision.

Web Hosting Varieties – Advantages And Perks

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