Finding the Cheap PHP Hosting Package for Your Needs


How to Find Inexpensive PHP Hosting

PHP, stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor, and is an open source (i.e. free) programming language that is used widely on the Internet to create interactive webpages.

PHP is called a scripting language and it makes websites become interactive or dynamic. If a site has no PHP, or java script or database,   and only contains just HTML, then that site would be a static site and would not allow you to interact with it at all.

PHP plays a big role in the operation of the World Wide Web today as it provides most of the raw power you experience when navigating online. Most hosting companies are running this scripting language on their servers. The application of PHP extends to very large commercial websites as well as the smallest of personal websites. When used with the Linux platform, it works to its greatest potential, but it is so versatile, it is compatible with any platform.

It also has great compatibility with a number of different databases and that fact lends it a great deal of flexibility. Some of the advantages of using PHP in hosting are that it provides fast operations, it offers good security from virus-attacks, it does not require additional software or plugins to do its work, and it works well with HTML.

It is quite common to find cheap PHP hosting plans for just a couple of dollars a month, which also provide features such as PHP, MySQL and a good deal of storage and bandwidth.  (However we do,  that pricing is a little suspect, and that you will get a whole lot more for a couple of bucks more per month.  It’s worth it.)

Before attempting to select between many bargain PHP hosting options, you will first have to determine that the hosts you are considering can provide the correct type of service that your website requires.  By the way all of the web hosts that we review are PHP compatible and offer great products.  Our top 2011 picks are featured throughout the site, with real customer reviews, editor reviews and insider information you won’t find anywhere else.

What To Look For In A Cheap PHP Hosting Solution

Supported Operating Systems

PHP scripted language is not supported by all operating systems, so you will need to make sure that that the host has a system like MySQL, Apache or Linux that will be compatible. Once the right platform is available, then you will be able to make any necessary modifications to your websites.  Most web hosts will have this ability, but the cheapest ones may not, be careful.

The Need for High Bandwidth

The functionality of your website will be heavily dependent on the amount of bandwidth available to your site. The more bandwidth the host has available, the more efficiently your site’s data will be handled by that host.

The Hard Disk Space Requirement

Be certain that you can obtain the amount of disc space your site requires at this time for the storage of its data, and that you will have enough available for data storage as your site grows and matures in the future.

Host Working with Latest PHP Versions


Ensure that the host you are considering is running the latest version of PHP on their servers. The current PHP versions are PHP 4 and PHP 5. A good host will keep you informed of any PHP version changes as they occur.

PHP is frequently modified and updated, and the organization called the PHP group takes on the responsibility of the distribution of the software using the PHP license. Web hosting companies are aware of the great demand on the market for PHP in a hosting plan, and they include the scripting language in their plans. They must however ensure that they are able to parse PHP scripts on their servers otherwise their hosting clients will not be able to use PHP in their hosting.

Having determined that the host is able to parse PHP scripts, and that their offered features are what you need in a web host, then the cheap prices offered for all that service is a special bonus for signing up for the service. In fact the use of PHP hosting is a wise choice for many webmasters whose budgets are restricted. They will not have to pay extra for the software because it is free for all to use.

Having determined that the hosts you are considering can provide the basic requirements for PHP hosting, you will next need to choose a host to provide you with these services.

You can Google “reviews on Cheap PHP Hosting” (and check out our top 10 hosting reviews and php hosting picks as well) to find reviews by past and present consumers of these hosts. You will get information on the companies’ reliability, quality of customer service, and quality of hosting service to enable you to make an informed decision on your hosting choice.

Remember though a lot of sites out there don’t really have a lot of quality content, and are basically spam sites, we however, take pride in helping our visitors.

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