What Exactly is Webspace Hosting?


Can Cheap Webspace Hosting Help You?

Need some cheap webspace hosting, but not sure which provider has the cheapest hosting?  Well, remember that cheaper isn’t always better. In fact, many times the quality of the service drops significantly as the cost goes down beyond a certain range.  Have you ever seen shared hosting offers for $1 or $2 dollars a month?  Those are usually, usually, a sucker’s promo.

Not to say that all cheap webspace hosting is bad, but don’t expect to get premium quality at ridiculous prices.  To help you get more value with your cheap website hosting quest, be sure to look into several aspects of the company you want to work with.

Things to Look for in Cheap Webspace Hosting

For one thing, consider the price compared to that of other good website hosting sites (Hostmonster, Fatcow, InMotion).  Is the price really that much lower? Or is it just a few dollars a month.  If it’s the latter, then it is always worth it to just pay a little more for a much better service, it’s like paying your insurance premiums.  Seriously.

Also, what are the servers like? Cheap website hosting often has unsecure servers that might get hacked. Once that happens, its bad news for any websites on that server.  The top web hosts pump tons of capital into protecting your sites, some hosts can’t afford that.

If this is for a business or client’s website, then you really don’t want that to happen, right?!  Or even for a personal site really, we all put a lot of love and care into our sites…well, most of do, maybe not the spammers.

Also consider the stability of the servers. Cheap domain hosting might not only have insecure servers, but also ones that go down all the time.  How would you like it if you had an online business and it went down every couple of weeks for no reason?  It does happen, especially with new and inexperienced web hosts.

Does the cheap website hosting company that you’re looking at have a money-back guarantee? If not, then you might want to question it, almost all the major web hosts have guarantees and that is nice leverage for you.  Most good companies these days have a money-back guarantee, so why wouldn’t that web hosting provider you’re looking at have one?  They do, many do.

Again, we’re not saying that all of these small providers are bad, we’re just saying that before you sign up for cheap webspace hosting, do your homework and be prepared, that’s all.

What to Expect from Cheap Website Hosting Companies

Cheap website hosting today is often a result of the strong competition hosting companies are experiencing in the industry. Because of this intense competition, even some of the largest and most reputable and reliable hosting companies, are offering cheap hosting fees in an attempt to lure new clients to sign up for their services.

What follows is a list of the features and resources you should look for in a cheap web hosting company.

  • Disc Space – Verify the amount of disc space that will be available and determine if it will be enough for your website’s current needs. Also find out if you will be able to upgrade to a larger plan when your site develops and grows.
  • Bandwidth – This is critical for a website. Enough bandwidth must be available for the day to day operation of the website. Also, if there is an unexpected surge of traffic to the site, the available bandwidth should be able to handle the sudden increased traffic access to the site.  With some hosts, if the bandwidth used is exceeded by a client, his website will be suspended or even shut down. Determine if that is the case with the host, or if they will charge for the additional bandwidth and if so how much.
  • Email – There should be a large number of email addresses available to a hosting client. Find out how much will be available and decide if that meets with your website needs.
  • Customer Support – Customer support should be available 24/7/365. It should be reliable and efficient and reachable by phone, chat session and by online contact.
  • Cpanel – The award winning cPanel should be available. This is a state of the art graphical user interface that allows for good control of hosting tasks simply by the clicks of a mouse.
  • Platform – Is the hosting on a Linux or a Windows platform. The best one to choose will depend on your website’s special needs.
  • Databases – Are a number of databases available, and is support given for MySQL databases?
  • Hosted Domains – Is there an unlimited hosting of domains available?

To be more certain of the offerings of a hosting company, you should seek out third party reviews offered by experts in the industry, and also the testimonials of former and current customers of the hosting companies that you are considering. This will allow you to decipher how much truth there is to the hyped up sales promotion of these hosts.



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