Cheap Web Hosting Provider

Cheap Web Hosting Provider – How Worthwhile are they?

If you need to establish a personal website or wish to install a website for your small business then a good option would be for you to select a cheap web hosting provider for your needs. The price for these hosting plans can be as cheap as $3.95 a month and that by no means implies that you will receive sub-standard service, and a minimal set of features.

The cheap hosting price does not mean that quality is compromised in any way. You may sign up with a cheap web hosting provider who will provide you with hosting plan options that offer outstanding security, quality and capacity. Providers offer shared hosting option in which several accounts will share the resources of the same server.

This shared hosting option is a very common plan with hosting companies and is perhaps the most popular options that webmasters choose for their websites. Because the costs of a server can be split between a number of hosting accounts, the fees charged are therefore very low, and this in no way takes away from the excellent service provided by providers who offer shared hosting.

The features and resources offered are adequate for most websites, but in case they are not, or when the site grows and requires more resources, that need can be easily satisfied by the webmaster upgrading to a hosting plan that meets the websites needs.

The shared hosting plans will include a vast number of features that such as the award winning control panel, called cPanel, that enables the client to manage complex website tasks such as the creation of email addresses, the installation of WordPress blogs, the creation of subdomains and MySQL databases.

Another reason that cheap web hosting is such a value, is because the hosting industry has become a very competitive place and web hosts are reflecting that in their low hosting fees as a way to entice prospective customers to sign up for their service. They will even offer a free domain on sign up, some may offer 2 or 3 free domains depending on the level of service that is chosen.

Also, some hosts will further entice customers by offering to pay the annual renewal fees on the domains for life as long as the customer retains his hosting with that hosting company.

This competitiveness among hosts works to the advantage of the customer who now has a great variety of hosting companies to choose from, but at the same time, it has given rise to a number of very unscrupulous hosting companies that will stay in business for a short time, then close up shop after making a quick buck.

By careful consideration of your hosting options as well as the host’s longevity and standing in the hosting industry, you should easily be able to distinguish them from the many reputable hosts available on the market.

Although you can get good web hosting at a very cheap rate, it does not mean that you could go with the cheapest on the market and still get the same good value. The cheapest is not a good value for your website if it does not provide your site with the features and the resources it requires.

The most important features to consider are server up time and effective and responsive customer support. After that, the other hosting features should be considered for your website.

Using a cheap web hosting provider is certainly worth looking into because that term aptly describes many of the most respected and reputable hosting companies on the market. In this case cheap does not mean low quality.

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