Finding Your Managed Hosting Provider Match


Benefits of Using a Managed Hosting

For the majority of those looking to start a website or an online business, the best choice of hosting provider would be a managed hosting provider. This is simply because most people are non-technical and are unaware of the technicalities and management of web hosting.

Hosting companies make available managed packages to meet this need. On the other hand, if you are technically knowledgeable or have an IT department at your disposable, then you can seek out any of the unmanaged packages as your best option since it will give you control of all server side applications, the server and the many customized scripts that are at the basis of your company’s operation.

Additionally, it means that the technical support and trouble shooting of issues are also your responsibility.

Benefits of Managed Hosting

•    The Security of your website server is assured since your hosting provider retains the responsibility for managing and maintaining the servers and protects them from threats of attacks by spyware and viruses.
•    The servers are constantly monitored by the hosting company and any problems with the system are quickly addresses and repaired by the professionals on the support team.
•    Server downtime is prevented because the staff of the host is allocated to manage your server and they will guarantee a high level uptime service – usually 99% or better.
•    Another benefit is that the hosting provider will assume the responsibility of keeping track of developments in the industry and update software and other technologies as needed. In this way you are left to manage your growing business without the concern of the technologies behind its operation.

Types of Managed Hosting

•    The most expensive type of managed hosting is the type that involves the provider taking full responsibility for the management and maintenance of your website server.
•    Partially managed hosting plans – Here you may take on the responsibility for either the general security or the server maintenance for your website. This type of plan is more affordable but you will have to determine the value of your time and if it is more beneficial to spend it maintaining the website’s server or growing your business.

These are the key points regarding a managed hosting provider for your business. There are many providers of managed hosting available for you to choose from, but that choice can be confusing without some guidance. Excellent resources and reviews can be accessed online and they will help you narrow down the best choice for your business.

We have also provided valuable and comprehensive resources on these webpages to help educate you and enable you to make an informed decision on managed hosting decision.

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