The Benefit of a Dedicated Server cPanel

A dedicated server cpanel is provided in a dedicated server plan as a control system for the management of clients’ hosting accounts. The account is one that allows the client exclusive control of the server, and it is shared with no one else.

Owning a dedicated server is among the supreme calls you’ll need to make to grow your web business. This is down to the fact that you won’t be sharing it with other internet site owners and you’ll have the liberty of doing whatever it is you want with the server.

For instance, you could be constrained from utilizing your shared server for backing up your documents, but with the dedicated server, you’ll be free to back up and install anything you wish.

Naturally, the dedicated server remains the property of the web-hosting service supplier. With the enormous number of dedicated server hosting banner advertisements doing rounds online, it can turn out to be hard finding the best web-hosting service supplier to use.

A totally managed server implies the web hosting service supplier looks after the physical server for you. This comes in useful because, first, you aren’t permitted anywhere near these dedicated servers, and 2nd, you may not have the technical experience of handling a server.

Totally managed server suppliers will do everything for you except write your internet site’s content. They’ll take care of software installation, firewall and antivirus installation, security inspection, backups and information recovery in addition to server monitoring. Bandwidth, in layman’s terms is the quantity of info that may be transferred from your site every month.

Thus , the more the bandwidth, the more info your internet site can transfer. Bandwidth is extremely important if you have got a heavy traffic site. This guarantees that it doesn’t crash. It’s also crucial for gaming sites and video sites. Memory, or random access memory holds info the microprocessor can reach fast.

When searching for a dedicated server, make sure you get one with the most bandwidth and memory space. Getting a dedicated server may need you to move your site from the server formerly used to the new, dedicated server.

If you’re not comfy moving the internet site, ensure that the website host has a free web site transfer feature to help move your site or web sites. This way, you are guaranteed of execs carrying out the job, thus minimizing the chance of losing your information.

Additionally, some web-hosting service suppliers move your site while still live. This indicates that your internet site visitors can navigate your internet site while the transfer occurs. The features you get from a dedicated server are vital to the potency of your web business.

Examples of vital features to search for include a free cPanel, internet site stats software, unlimited mySQL account creation, unlimited e-mail account creation, auto responder capacity, and unlimited site name hosting. To conclude, hiring a dedicated server gives you many benefits, the primary being not needing to share it with other web masters. It designates that your internet enterprise is growing swiftly and a growth is due.

CPanel are the state of the art in control panels, and it is the most sort-after type of control panel by those seeking a hosting account for their websites. It is found in most hosting plans and not just in dedicated server plans.

CPanel provide a graphical user interface for a webmaster to perform very complex website tasks even though they may not have any technical knowledge and experience. The panel allows completion of tasks with just the click of a few icons in the cpanel area.

Another very important aspect of the cpanel is access to the file manager, which provides access to the files of the website. Within the file manager, the important folder public_html, is present and it is in this folder that all the files of your websites must be loaded.

There are two methods for loading these file. They can be loaded one file at a time through file manager, or they can be loaded in bulk with the use of an external FTP program.

The customer of a dedicated server hosting account has full control of all resources on his server and while his host maintains and supports his use of the server, he can focus on his business planning, the running and the maintenance of his applications.

dedicated server cpanel

Features of Dedicated Servers with cPanel

  • Complete Server Customization
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Web Host Manager that is used to allow the client to resell web hosting service
  • Applications and programs that are ready to be used
  • Use of unlimited domain names
  • Scheduled server updating


The cpanel consists of an intuitive user friendly graphical interface and is used to allow hosts and webmasters the ability to easily manage their websites. When a server is equipped with its own cpanel, it is referred to as a cPanel server.

There are three distinct structures that cpanel supports and they are the administrators, the re-sellers and the end-users. CPanel have become a very popular and in demand feature in most hosting plans.


Functions of a Dedicated Server cPanel

  • Even non-technical webmasters can use cpanel to upload webpages and manage them effortlessly on the server account
  • The backup and restore of data is handled through the cpanel interface


  • The cpanel provides useful statistics such as disc space,  bandwidth utilization and traffic statistics  all of which can be used to plan marketing strategy for the site


  • The cpanel provides security features such as usage restrictions, protection against viruses, and password protection
  • The tasks that can be performed in the cpanel include the creation of databases, the creation of email addresses, forwarding of these email addresses, creation of add-on domains, and subdomains.
  • In those hosting plans that provide access to Fantastico, the cpanel can be used to install blogs and forums and other applications on websites, with just a few clicks a user will be able to install a WordPress blog on their server.
  • Database tools are provided for the use of administrators and data management specialists


The dedicated server cpanel is easy to learn and manage. It is a very intuitive interface that any webmaster needing to perform management tasks will find a breeze to master. Many different types of control panels are available with web hosting, but the cpanel exceeds the performances of them all.

There is now a growing demand for dedicated servers in the market, and many hosts are providing the service. As a result we can expect to find that very soon the cost of hosting on a dedicated server may be significantly reduced

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