The Top 3 Website Design Ideas and 2 Bad Website Design Ideas


Why you Need Good Website Design Ideas

If you are interested in putting up a website for any reason, then you need to have good website design ideas. If your ideas are not all that great it could affect the way you rank on the different search engines and it could affect the overall experience for the visitor.

It does not have to cost you an arm and a leg to implement a good website design and you should make sure you set up a budget for yourself. You may have to get a template or a theme designed to make it easier for you to put your design out on the internet.

The Top 3 Website Design Ideas

1. A Customized Theme and Design on the WordPress Platform

WordPress makes it very easy for you to manage your website design and the content that is added to the site as well. If you can afford to spend a little bit of money and get a theme for wordpress that is customized for what you are doing, then you will have one of the top website design ideas out there.

2. A Simple Design that Loads very Fast

One of the other things you have to understand is that not all website designs are simple and fast. If someone finds your website, but it takes forever to load they might just leave the site before they ever see it. This will defeat the purpose and this is why your website needs to be simple and load very fast.

3. An Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Another of the top website design ideas that you can use is to go with a design that is aesthetically pleasing to many in your target market. If you have a target market that is older, then they might find larger words more pleasing because they can read them easier.

Two very Bad Website Design Ideas

1. A Site that is Designed for only One Browser

When a website is designed and it only works well on Firefox, then it is a bad design. This means that you are basically leaving out all those that use internet explorer, Google chrome, or another browser. This will only cost you money in the long run and that makes it a bad website design idea.

2. Automatic Pop ups and Ads Taking over The Page

If someone goes to your website and they have five different ads that pop up and distract them, then chances are they will just leave your website. It is one of the most annoying things and it will not help your website keep visitors on the page for very long. You should never use more than one pop up and that one should have something to do with the site itself.

You need to make sure your site design is very strong and is going to work for the majority of your target market. If it does not, then you could be missing out on quite a bit of business. You need to use website design ideas that work very well for the niche you are working in.

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