Web Hosting With cPanel

A control panel is included in many web hosting packages for clients to manage their accounts with just a few clicks of a mouse. The most popular of these is cpanel, and Web hosting with cPanel has become the most sought after feature in webhosting today.

web hosting with cpanel

CPanel is proprietary software distributed by cPanel Inc., and the hosting companies that provide the software to their clients have to pay a license fee to the company for its use, but a client who signs up for hosting can use the cpanel with an unlimited number of domains without paying a licensing fee for each domain.

CPanel is a software development corporation that was established in 1977. The objective of the company is to provide users with website hosting facilities. A hosting provider whom offers cPanel Website Hosting permits the users an application where you can host numerous web sites. The software is well designed and in the event of any issue, you can make a complaint to the company.

CPanel is a vital duty for website managers who need to host a big number of web sites on their lonesome server. This uses a fast process where you can host any internet site in a couple of seconds. After one or two hours, you can start work on the hosted URL. If you’re facing any trouble in using this strong tool then check the incorporated video instructions. The instructions will make the task less complicated for you. This is also a safe medium to guard your site. If you’re doing any upkeep work on the site then you can keep it inactive in the upkeep period.

After you have this software then absolute control of the web sites is in your hands. There’s another extra benefit of using cPanel website hosting. Fantastico is a built-in feature in the cPanel software. With a bit of help from this built-in program you can install several CMS like Joomla, WordPress and many others in a few seconds. Somebody who would like to form their own business as a web development expert can own a WHM panel for better server management.

With a little help from cPanel, you can host only sub domains. But WHM is the primary server where you can host as many URLs as you need. There are various packages available according to cost. Each package has its own scheme. You can choose a convenient package according to your necessities. If you’re confused in choosing the right package then contact a company worker to find out about the top deal for you.

The popularity of cPanel derives from how powerful the software is,  and it is not just the easiest of website management tools to use, but it is also the best and can be easily be operated by anyone who has no technical skills whatever.

It does not matter what level hosting plan a client signs up for, it could be the basic shared hosting plan or the top of the line dedicated hosting plan, every client will have access to the many benefits and advantages that  cPanel has to offer.

There has been a great demand for control panels to handle website functions and that has resulted in a number of different applications attempting to meet the demand.  What follows is a listing of the many advantages of cPanel – the most popular of the hosting control panels.

  • Easy to Use– Because cPanel is a graphical user interface, it is extremely easy to use. All functions a represented by named icons that make them intuitive and easy to use  to create email addresses, sub-domains, email forwarders, add on domains and others.
  • The features of the interface are all situated on a single screen and give you easy access to all tools needed to create and to manage the functions of your website.
  • The cPanel has built within it all the features that are needed by a user to manage his hosting account effectively.
  • Script Installation – Depending on the hosting company, you will be offered either Fantastico or Simple Scripts which allows you to install a CMS like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, among others, on your domain. Forum and Wiki software are also available.
  • These installations are completed  automatically and only involves a little bit of typing to provide a name here and some detail there, and the behind-the-scene actions connects databases to domain names because of a few pieces of information you provide.
  • Website Monitoring – The control panel allows for monitoring of your website stats, and will give information on the disk space utilized, the band width usage and the allocation of resources to the different domains on your server.
  • Pricing – cPanel is offered by most hosting companies with their plans at no additional cost, and you will get the simplicity and the power of a very streamlined and extremely popular tool in web hosting for just about $10 a month.
  • Secure and Reliable Setting – CPanel provides a reliable and secure control panel over which essential tasks can be carried out in a secure setting and over a reliable and secure connection.

Today, cPanel web hosting is by far the most sought after and popular Linux-based web hosting service in the market.

If you are seeking a host for your web services, cPanel should be considered, since it provides a vast number of services for website maintenance at a very nominal fee.

CPanel is often preyed on by hackers because of its great popularity, but despite that, the cPanel is a great feature in most web hosting plans because of the user-friendly interface it offers, its reliability and its speed.

Web hosting with cPanel provides a comprehensive tool that simplifies very complex web hosting functions. Complicated Linux commands are no longer needed to manage the server. These functions are performed by anyone even without technical knowledge.

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