What is the Best Link Building Strategy to Use?


A link building strategy is crucially needed to generate traffic to your website which then creates sales of the products you are marketing on the site. The search engines (SEs), will index, rate and rank your site using hundreds of factors, but links are weighted heavily in this rating.

Your aim should be to create quality links in order to achieve an authority index because with a combination of authority and backlinks, your chosen marketing keywords will allow your site to rank higher and that will attract targeted traffic to the product you are marketing.

For a link building campaign to be effective it must be done the proper way, otherwise you may end up doing more harm than good to your search engine optimization efforts.

The following steps will provide a basic strategy to follow to get a better ranking for your sites.

Getting Quality Links is Most Important

The quality of the link is more important than the number of links you get. You will get quality links by linking to quality sites that are relevant to the site you are promoting. To locate such sites you will need to use the free Firefox or Google toolbar for checking page rank.

Using the Firefox or Google tool, identify how many pages the SEs have indexed on the site you want to link to, see if it is highly ranked and if it is popular and gets a lot of traffic. If a page has a low or no page rank, do not add an article, forum post or a link to that page.

Look for NoFollow Meta Tags

For a site you intend to add a link to, first look at its source code (right mouse click and select ‘view page source’). If in the code you notice a “nofollow” meta tag, then your link will not be crawled by Google, so do not leave a link on that site.

The Importance of Relevance and Linking

The quality of your links is determined by the relevance of the content of the site you are linking to and your own content. There is no obvious relationship between your organic gardening website and the website on dog grooming so the SEs will not give that link a good rating.

Linking with Targeted Anchor Text

Creating links on sites you want to link to should be done using 2 or 3 word keyword rich phrases as the anchor text, and you should use up to a dozen different variations of words so that they are not all alike. Be sure to always use alt tags with your image links.

Linking to Sites with Too many Outbound Links

The site you are linking to must not contain too many outbound links. This, unfortunately, will appear as link spamming and your association with that site will not give you the benefit of a backlink to your website.

Social Media Links

Join the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and Fav to promote your sites and your posts, and add their link icons to you webpages. Google favors social media sites so be sure to ask visitors to your webpages to spread the word of your content to their contacts.

Outsourcing Your Link Building Strategy

Care should be taken to check the credentials of the person or company you intend to hire to do the task of link building for your business, as well as their prior experience and work completed for other clients. The company should be knowledgeable of and up to date on SEO and search engine algorithm changes, and practice only white hat SEO techniques.

It is a common practice for online businesses to take on their own in-house link building tasks. Online marketers will use software, create a strategy, and generate their own content for their campaigns. If you should take on the task of link building yourself, you should be knowledgeable and confident in handling the task, otherwise it would be better to hire a professional.

Tracking Your Link Building Results

Analysis and tracking of your link building efforts is important to show you the results of your efforts. Without proper and consistent tracking and analysis you will not know which tasks are making a difference in the campaign you are running.

There are many paid and free analytics tool available to show how your link building efforts are proceeding. Google Analytics is a well know and much used tool for just that purpose.

These are some basic link building strategy tips you may follow to help boost you site’s traffic and generate income to your site. The aim should be to provide quality links to sites that are relevant to your own and to do so consistently many times weekly.

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