Should You Consider a Web Hosting Trial?

Do Hosting Companies Offer a Web Hosting Trial?

Getting a web hosting trial is very easy and nearly every company out there offers one, whether they know it or not. Some will advertise that they offer a trial or will give you a trail with a coupon code, but others are offering a web hosting trial and they have no ideas they are offering it.

You need to be aware of what this web hosting trial is and how you can test out any hosting company without putting all your spent money at risk. There are many things you need to be checking during the trial to be sure they are right for you. Here are a few ways to test the hosting company during your trial.

1. Play around with all the features

Get to know the control panel and play with all the features to see how well they work. You can start a “test” website to help you test the hosting without affecting your main website. This will allow you to test the different types of design tools and other tools to see what they do.

2. Send a Large Amount of Traffic to Your Site

If you are using shared hosting, this type of testing is more important than if you are using VPS or dedicated hosting. This is because you need to know what the limit is. Find a website that sells super cheap traffic and send 100 visitors to your site within one hour. If it does not shut the server down or cause a huge slow down with your site, then try 200, and keep doing this until you find the limit. Good hosting companies can handle around 300 visitors per hour with their shared hosting packages.

3. Test out the Support

During your web hosting trial, you also want to test out the support they offer. Contact each type of support and see how fast they respond and how professional they are. You could just ask a few simple questions or you could ask about how to use one of the features you are trying to learn. The key is to see how fast they return your email and how long they keep you on hold.

Getting your Web Hosting Trial

Even if the company you are interested in does not say they offer a web hosting trial specifically, they do. Nearly every hosting company offers a 30, 60, or 90-day guarantee and this is your trial period. Use this time to figure out if the hosting company can provide you with everything, you need for your website or blog.

Make sure if you are unhappy with the service they provide, you cancel your account before this time period is up. If you don’t you could be locked into bad hosting for much longer than you need to be. This is not a good thing and transferring over to a new hosting company is never fun either. You want to avoid this situation if you can.

Before you enter into any web hosting trial that is not free for you to use, you want to check out the different types of hosting companies very thoroughly. This will give you the ability to figure out whether or not the company is going to give you want you need before you start your web hosting trial with them.

Getting the Most out of a Web Hosting Trial

The reason hosting companies offer a trial is they know you will most likely not remember to cancel or ask for a refund. Even if they are not that good of a company, they will make money simply because people don’t cancel in time. The best companies are not even concerned about this because they know you will not be cancelling once you get through your web hosting trial period.

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