How to Create a Static Page with WordPress Fast and Easy

Before we get into the keys for how to create a static page with WordPress, you need to understand what this is. A static page is like a website pages and with WordPress you can use the static pages to create a website with the functions of a blog. This helps with search engine ranking and with the overall experience for the visitors.

Static pages can be created with WordPress to help you get a home page, about page, contact page, and many more. One design that is very popular is to create product reviews as static pages, then write about the things you can use those products for with the actual posts placed on the site. This can help bring in a ton of traffic to the pages you do your reviews on.

Before you can start using WordPress, however, you need a hosting company that offers this content management system. Then, you need to install WordPress on your actual domain name and get all the background design set up. It all starts with the hosting, and we recommend BlueHost hosting for your WordPress website.

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Learn How to Create a Static Page with WordPress the Easy Way

Once you have the right hosting, WordPress installed, and you are ready to create a page, you just go to the menu option within your WordPress dashboard called “pages”. Click on the “add new” link and you will be able to create your page within that screen. This will give you the ability to put up content including videos, pictures, and written content to help you.

This doesn’t take away the posting function as you can use both making your website a bit more powerful. This allows you to put up a good amount of content and still direct visitors to your main pages.

WordPress Static Page Creation

Start by getting your hosting and going through the videos on how to install WordPress on your domain name. Then, use the above video to create your first static page. Once you do this a few times, you will find the process to be very easy. Learning how to create a static page with WordPress isn’t hard and you can do quite a bit with this function.

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