Android 4.0 is Coming for Smartphones


Android 4.0 Coming in 2012

If you are one of the many carrying a smartphone and hoping to get the new Android 4.0 that Google recently announced, then you are in luck. It is coming in 2012 to many different smartphones and HTC has already started figuring out how to give these phones the upgrade they need. This is big news for those not living in the iPhone bubble.

The first batch to get the upgrades will be the EVO 3D, the US models of the Rezound, the Sensation XE, Sensation XL, Sensation, EVO Design 4G, and the Amaze 4G. If you own a different HTC phone and are hoping to get this upgrade you should not be too concerned yet as HTC is planning to update all of the phones as soon as they possibly can.

What Android 4.0 Means for You

android 4.0

Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich, is going to use NFC technology to shared videos, maps, apps, and web pages simply by tapping two phones together. This was first seen in the iPhone as you could use their bump app to share data with other phones. Now it will be available with your HTC smartphone as well.

This upgrade will also give you a better font for HD displays, an improved keyboard function, it will make the widgets resizable, and you will also have a more interactive experience. This is just one more way the HTC phones are going to not only compete with the iPhones, but probably push them into technology they may not be ready to use.

Earlier this year all the buzz was over the iPhone 5 being released and instead the MAC geeks got an iPhone 4S, which simply is not all that impressive. Sure it has a better operating system than the past iPhones, but it was a bit of a buzz kill for many in the MAC world. They did, of course, break records in sales again, but that is because they are no longer exclusively with AT&T.

Now that the iPhone is going to be with AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon we will get to see how well it does against the HTC phones that are getting the ice cream sandwich upgrade. Android 4.0 will bring in new technology that will compete very well with what is predicted out of the iPhone 5. Plus they will have another 6 months to release a phone or a line of phones that will have better hardware as well.

Many have already stated that HTC phones have gone above and beyond what the current iPhones can do. Plus they don’t have the issues that seem to always happen with a new iPhone like the antenna being so weak. This is an interesting rivalry and with Android 4.0 coming out it is going to get even more interesting.

Android 4.0 or iPhone 4S?

Since you will now have the choice, with most providers, to choose an HTC phone or to go with the iPhone 4S, which should you get? Christmas is right around the corner and this is a decision many are going to be faced with. For starters, the HTC phones are not MAC based and if you are not currently using a MAC computer it does not make much sense to switch to the iPhone.

For the most part these phones can do the same or very similar things at about the same speed. They are designed in ways to allow you to access the internet, communicate in many ways, get directions, and do everything you need to with your phone. The major difference is one is MAC and one is Windows.

The best way to make this decision is to decide whether or not you can afford to buy a new computer and switch over completely. If you decide you are going to dump your Windows computer and go with an iPhone, then it will be time to get a MAC computer, which is not cheap. Plus you have to take the time to learn many new programs and all the things that are different about the MAC.

There really are not many benefits to doing this other than jumping into a new pool of geeks that love MAC. It used to be more secure, but viruses are starting to hit MAC computers just the same as Windows based computers. So, ultimately it is up to whether you want to switch all your technology and go from one to the other or if you just want to wait a couple of months for Android 4.0 to hit your HTC phone.

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