Five Tenets for Selecting the Best Internet Providers

If you truly want to find the best internet provider, then it will take you a bit of time and research to discover the right choice for you. We’ve streamlined the process by compiling the top 5 principles to consider in order to find the right subscription for you.


1 – Availability

The first step is to find out who’s offering service in your area. While this might seem like common sense, the reality is that new providers are popping up all the time. The options available to you a year ago may very well be different than the options available to you today. That’s why you must take the time to research and discover all your options. They may include: DSL, cable, wireless, and satellite.


2 – Flexibility

Once you know who you have to choose from, it’s time to consider what you have to choose from. Yes, you will compare plans – but not yet. First, consider how flexible each company is. That means finding out if they offer service in your entire area, which can be important if you’ll be moving within the next year or two.

Some companies require a 2 year commitment, and you wouldn’t want to commit to that unless you know you’ll be able to receive service with them for 2 years.  However, it appears that many of them are moving toward offering consumers no contract options as well.

Contracts are another part of flexibility. If you do plan to stay in the area or you’re looking at a company that has a wide range of availability, then contracts can actually be helpful because they’ll lock you into one rate. However, if you do happen to move or you don’t want to stick with the same company, then you could have a very expensive problem on your hands.


3 – Investing

Before you compare prices for each plan, you should compare how much it will cost to get started. Many types of internet service will require an initial investment. For example, satellite requires you to install a satellite on your property. Other types of internet may not require much, such as DSL that works with your existing phone lines. You should find out what each company charges for installation, activation, and what equipment is required to access their services.


4 – Long Term Cost

In addition to the cost of getting set up with a company, you’ll of course be responsible for paying your bill every month. It should be easy to compare the costs of each company and choose one that offers the best rate, right? Wrong. First, remember that a faster speed may cost more, but it may also be well worth it. Carefully weigh what you’re getting with what you’re paying.

Second, many companies will offer incentives to get you started, such as a free month of service, a discounted rate for an introductory period, or even cash back. These promotions can be well worth it – but only if the cost isn’t higher overall. Which means: consider how much you’ll pay over the course of a contract (or 12 months if a contract isn’t required). That figure you come up with should include any incentives to get started as well as costs to get started, plus the monthly cost of service.


5 – Service

Both customer service and the actual internet service you’ll receive should be taken into consideration. Read online reviews to find out how current and past customers feel about each company. Remember that you’re unlikely to find a company with zero negative reviews, but you do want to find a company with mostly favorable reviews.

These 5 tenets are the simple way to find a quality provider who’s offering the best value for your needs.

Jesse Schwarz describes himself as a serial entrepreneur dedicated to helping consumers find the best options available from internet providers.

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