Top 3 Issues to Understand in 2012 When Selecting an Internet Provider

Are you okay with your current internet provider, or do you think you’ll be looking for something different in terms of internet service for the coming year? If you’re leaning toward the latter, then you may want to get familiar with three of the issues you’ll need to understand if you want a provider that’s just right for your individual needs.

Privacy And Security

There have been many recent reports regarding the leak of customer information from prominent hacking groups. And it seems that not even the internet security sector is safe from attack. But don’t let this worry you; there are several ways to prevent your information from being revealed to unwanted eyes. The first is to look at the list of internet providers you’re interested in, and decide which ones offer what kind of security.

Some companies will provide a suite of security tools like anti-virus software and firewalls at no cost to their customers. Others will offer higher-end computer security for a small monthly fee in addition to what you already pay for internet service. Like many things, no security measure will thwart all threats. So using a multi-pronged approach that combines software-based security with simple DIY measures you can implement can give you the best chance of success.


Do the choices on your short list have any plans to expand their services in the coming year? A quick look online will reveal that there’s lots going on in the world of internet providers. Some are investing in expansion that will bring high speed internet to those in previously-unreachable rural areas, while others are upgrading their existing infrastructure to increase the speed and reliability of their services. Depending on the type of broadband delivery technology a company offers, this could mean the launch of new satellites into orbit, the activation of new cell towers, or the replacement of old copper lines for fiber optic cable.

It may also be worth a look to see how ISPs are expanding in other ways, such as helping low-income families to get online or investing in improving the quality of life for those living in third-world countries. Having service with a company that gives back does hold a high degree of importance for many would-be customers.


Will your new provider be able to follow you while you’re on the go? Coverage will be key if you are someone who needs to be able to stay in touch with the office en route. Likewise, you want to ensure that your company won’t charge you an arm and a leg to get online if you’re out of the country. Overseas rates do vary, so a lot of comparison can get you a solid number on the average potential cost.

Mobile users will be concerned with whether a company offers 3G or 4G pricing plans. If you’re one of them, be aware that 4G, while expanding rapidly, is not yet available with all carriers. So check with provider web sites to see where they are in terms of reaching their 4G goal. If you find a company that’s aggressively working to bring 4G to its entire coverage area, you may choose to opt for a 3G contract with that company until the new network has been launched.
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