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If you are a windows users, then I have something for you guys, Now you can enjoy Echofon’s simple and clean desktop Twitter experience. Echofon was already available in Windows for some time in beta , with some few bugs. The final version of Echofon, 1.0, came out in December, so I thought I’d mention it again, considering that is my favorite Twitter client on Windows.

I use Twitter every day and yet, interfaces with multiple columns, monitoring keywords and other advanced functions, I always need when I’m working with the blog. Sometimes not even need them. At these times, which I prefer a Echofon client in a single column, it is updated automatically and show me what I need like : my Timeline, Replies, Direct Messages and so on.


And this is basically what we get with Echofon on Windows: A simple client that does not occupy much space , but nevertheless gives us the possibility to follow Twitter in real time, watch for the @ replies and direct messages we receive, without having to dedicate an entire screen to the subject.

If we add support for multiple accounts, the ability to view images without opening the browser, and a quick way to see a pop-up profiles (including recent tweets, lists, favorites), keyboard shortcuts, we then have a client for Windows that takes up little space, but that gives us enough information to be functional. You can use all of your Twitter accounts in Echofon, account switching is easy and you’ll see a subtle notification for mentions and messages you receive in background accounts.

Echofon for windows features like your unread tweets will stay in the sync with your iOS device like iPhone and iPad. If you read tweets on your mac machine, and after some time you want a to open up Echofon on your iPhone, you can always pick up from the right point where you left off. So chances for reading tweets again and again will decrease. Also search on Echofon twitter client support including trends and saved search. More features like –

You may not have the power of Tweetdeck , HootSuite , Seesmic or other to show multiple columns, but for those who want a less daunting experience Twitter / more minimalist, Echofon is an excellent choice.

Download Echofon for Windows today. Do you know more better twitter clients like Echofone ? If yes, then share with us via comments below.

About the author : Vishal Gaikar is a young Entrepreneur and writes at Tricks Machine and Being Android. You can follow him on Twitter @vishalgaikar


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