Your Company’s Exposure On Facebook and SEO

Businesses which want to have a sustained impact online must link themselves to a more comprehensive Internet marketing structure than ever before. Your Internet marketing campaign in this day and age must include a search engine optimization component, a link building component, and a component of social media marketing.

The 800 pound gorilla of social media marketing is Facebook, without a doubt. The multi billion dollar soon to be public company has the monopoly on opt in information on the average citizen, as well as the premier platform for targeting the customer that the advertiser wants. It is so much easier to place your ad in front of a targeted demographic on Facebook than it is literally anywhere else, either online or offline. It simply can not be ignored.

Your company can gain the exposure that it needs through Facebook and sites like Facebook, taking advantage of the many platforms that the social media hub gives you to connect quite deeply with your customer base.

You can target your customer on Facebook through many different channels. Perhaps the most important is the geo targeting that you can do on Facebook more easily than on any other platform.

Geo targeting means simply segmenting your advertisements towards people who are in a particular geographic area, which is usually the area immediately physically surrounding your brick and mortar store. In order to save money on pay per click campaigns, this is perhaps the most important way to segment your ads.

Segmenting through geography is also a way to limit your other marketing efforts. If you are trying to market to a huge population, you will not be able to properly target your message. One of the worst things that you can do as a marketer, and especially on Facebook, is attempt to market to a broad segment of the population. It appears disingenuous to everyone that is marketed to, and there is no way that any part of your ad campaign can go viral with no core support.

You can also target your customer quite easily through the demographic and the psychographic data that Facebook provides you. There is no other platform on which people will offer you, free of charge, their likes and dislikes. Before Facebook, people had to pay marketing companies thousands of dollars to conduct much less precise focus groups.

Targeting through demographic information and cross referencing your successes and losses with the analytics that you can get for free through search engine sites will give you the stats to tweak your program. And yes, your program will need to be tweaked constantly.

The ever changing algorithms of the search engines and the social media sites require that in order to keep up, you are able to change as well. Search engine results rely in large part on the exposure that your ads get on social media sites. If you do well on one, you can do well on the other. You must stay on the cutting edge of Facebook exposure to maintain your position.

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