What is Unlimited Hosting Really?

What do You Consider Unlimited Hosting to Be?

Unlimited hosting is one of those things that can be very confusing. It is usually a type of shared hosting and it will give you everything you need when you are trying to get the right type of hosting for a simple website. There are many types of hosting, but unlimited hosting is probably the most popular.

It is normal for a web hosting company to say they offer “Unlimited Hosting”, but what does it really mean? Does this mean it really is “unlimited hosting” or is there a catch? Some of the hosting companies will say it is unlimited, but they do put a cap on it. This cap is just so large that they figure nobody will ever reach it without upgrading.

This does mean there really is no such thing as VPS unlimited hosting. It is impossible for any hosting company to offer this because their servers are limited. If you were to take up all the space they had, then there would be nothing left. That means there is a limit with this type of hosting, even though it is called unlimited hosting.

What Unlimited Hosting Really is

Unlimited Hosting

The key to unlimited hosting is for the hosting company to provide more than you really need from your hosting. This is the key to getting real unlimited hosting and if you are going to use this type of package, you need to understand what it really is.

It is a myth when you see the words unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth. This is a type of hosting that will have a max on it, but it will be very high. However, if you want to test this theory create a website that gets a ton of traffic. You will get an email telling you to upgrade because the traffic is overloading the server.

This is typical and you will need to upgrade at this point or your site will need to be moved to a better server. If you go through this, you will quickly understand why there is no such thing as unlimited hosting. You really need to make sure you get good hosting, whether they tell you it is unlimited hosting or not.

Some hosting companies are better than others and the best ones you will never have to call or email support. However, when you do, they will be there to help you in a quick and efficient way. If you want the best from your hosting, then getting a package from a top company is necessary. Just understand unlimited hosting is not real.

If Unlimited Hosting is Not Real, then Why do they Advertise it?

Many people buy hosting every single day and many have no idea what they are doing. The word “unlimited” is very powerful and since these people are mainly beginners to the hosting world, they buy into this world. It is a marketing tactic and it works. Chances are you will never use all the space they give you or all the bandwidth, but if you did, you will find out that unlimited hosting is not unlimited.

You have the choice to make and when you need the best possible hosting, it may not be one of the unlimited hosting choices. You may need to go with VPS or dedicated hosting, but if you stick with the shared hosting option, just be aware that unlimited hosting is not a real thing.

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