VPS Hosting Packages For The Serious Internet Marketer

VPS Hosting Packages – When Shared Hosting is Not Good Enough

VPS hosting packages can help you in many ways and when you know shared hosting will not cut it, this is the best choice. If you cannot afford to spend a few hundred dollars a month on dedicated hosting, then getting VPS hosting packages will help you get many of the same benefits of the dedicated hosting packages without the huge cost.

Getting the right VPS hosting packages will help you get exactly what you need if you are trying to make money online. There are many things you need, but getting the right type of hosting will make a huge difference if you want to be successful. Internet marketing is already hard enough, and you can make it easier by choosing good hosting for your foundation.

There are two major benefits you get from using one of the VPS hosting packages, but there are many minor benefits you may not even notice right away. You need to be aware of why this is the best choice for internet marketers instead of the shared hosting packages out there. Here are the two major benefits and why they do so much more for you.

The Two Major Benefits of VPS Hosting Packages

1. Speed

With shared hosting, you are stuck on a server in a “free for all” type of hosting system. This means if one of the accounts needs the resources that you could be using it will get them before you do. This can cause downtime, slow times, and just simply bad hosting for your blog or website. If you are going to use shared hosting and you don’t upgrade to one of the VPS hosting packages, make sure you get a dedicated IP. This will help with your speed some.

With VPS hosting packages, you still share a server, but you get a portion specifically set up for you. This means you don’t have to worry about whether or not you have resources available when your website or blog needs them. Instead, you can simply put up your site or blog and know the speed will be there no matter what.

The bottom line is, speed makes a difference and you get more of it with VPS hosting packages than with shared hosting packages. If your visitors find your website or blog and it takes more than 3 seconds to load, there as a chance they will leave. Your hosting has to allow your site or blog to load in less than 2 seconds and this is what VPS hosting can do for you.

2. Security

When your hosting is shared hosting and one of the accounts on the server is hacked, you are vulnerable to being hacked as well. You need to make sure you find the right hosting for your needs and if you are in need of more than a little security, shared hosting will not cut it. You need to be able to customize your security.

If you are hacked, you could lose traffic, ranking, sales, and many other problems could occur. Why take the chance to save a few dollars on your hosting package. Instead, get one of the VPS hosting packages and customize the security. Even though you still share a server with VPS hosting, you are not as vulnerable because you get to customize your security.

Basically, if you want to protect your website or blog, then having the ability to choose your security will help. You need to make sure you get the right type of hosting for your needs and if security is a concern, then you cannot trust shared hosting. You will need to upgrade to one of the VPS hosting packages.

Using VPS Hosting Packages for Success

If you want to be successful online with your internet marketing business, you need a plan. The first part of the plan has to be getting the best possible hosting to help you with everything you need. If you choose shared hosting, you may be able to find some success, but choosing one of the VPS hosting packages will help you build over time and grow with the best hosting on a budget.

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