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The Keys to our AVG Internet Security

With our AVG review, you will find out about the free version and the paid version of this program. AVG is known as one of the fastest and easiest programs to use because it has the ability to do everything you need without bogging down your computer for hours. Scans are performed much faster and you don’t have to deal with things taking forever with this program.

However, many have found that AVG will slow down your boot time and can cause many false positives. They have updated the program many times and this makes for a more positive review of AVG Internet Security. Many have reviewed this product and they state it provides faster scans, better performance, and found to be easier to use.

Since this is a complete review of AVG Internet Security we must mention that you want to get the newest version they have out. If you go with an older version you will find it does not install as fast, it is not as quick with scans, and it will not have all the necessary updates to give you full protection. You can find the newest version of the AVG software by clicking below.

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AVG Internet Security and the Features

You can install and be ready to use the AVG software in about 5 minutes. It downloads very fast and will not take very long to install. This is better than the many other programs that cause you to waste an hour or so of your time downloading and installing. You need a faster system and AVG rates as one of the top for speed.

Since they cut down from 13 install screens to only five, it is much faster. However, the advanced user wants to be aware of a few things. First, you want to shut down your browser before you start the installation since the AVG system will automatically do this as soon as the installation starts. Another thing to be aware of, you are opted in to the security toolbar and the default search engine they use. If you opt out of these, but want them later, you need to perform a complete re-install.

Within any AVG review you will find something about the interface and the newest version featured a much easier to use interface. It has improved usability compared to the past and you will notice less pronounced tweaks from the past version. This is much easier to use than most other interfaces and is perfect for beginners.

One of the features many are raving about with AVG comes in the form of new technology. This is patent-pending technology that helps to recognize one of the most annoying threats out there, the fake antivirus. If you don’ know about this already, it is a web-based program that looks like an antivirus scan. Once it is installed on your computer, it is hard to get rid of and it will try to get you to purchase their license. This is also related to the ransomware infections and with the newest version of AVG, you are protected from both.

They have improved their LinkScanner tool and have also updated the monitoring tool that automatically protects you when using Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. This is called the AVG Advisor and is one of the most important features you get.

Final Notes to Consider with AVG Internet Security

The free addition of AVG anti-virus is a good choice, but the paid version will give you the full protection you need. It is necessary to get the right antivirus program for you and if you are looking for an updated program that protects you from threats others cannot protect you from, then choosing the AVG system is the best way to go.

After you install and use AVG, you can come back to our site and post your own review of AVG Internet Security to help others with their decision to use this protection.

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