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Panda Internet Security Antivirus Program
  • Price $40.99/year
  • Antivirus Included
  • Firewall Included
  • Gaming Mode Included
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Panda Internet Security

Gaining Top Level Protection with Panda Internet Security

When you are looking for the best way to protect your computer, choosing a program like Panda Internet Security can provide you with exactly what you need. It will sit in the background and do the job you need it to do without interrupting what you are doing. Security software should never interrupt you unless the situation calls for an alert.

After thorough testing of Panda Internet Security independent labs showed that while Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 was not nearly as responsive. These two were compared on many levels and Panda Internet Security came out on top. The scan takes nearly two hours, when doing a full scan, but it will find many tracking cookies and other things that other security programs will not.

With the ability to use a sandboxed browser, VirtualBox, a virtual keyboard, antivirus scan, download scan, and a top firewall, your computer will remain protected. Some of the things included with this program may seem redundant, but more protection is better than none at all. Find out more about Panda Internet Security here:

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Why Experts Choose Panda Internet Security

With many improved features link the protection technologies, detection of viruses and threats, the firewall, the USB Vaccine, increased spam protection, and more, it becomes easy to see why the experts prefer the protection of Panda over many other choices. The system is very powerful and protects from many different threats to your computer and your way of life.

If you don’t want to worry about viruses, online fraud, identity theft, hackers, or any other type of threat, you need to protect your computer with a top program. Your email needs protected as well, and with the spam protection, you will avoid phishing scams and other types of email scams. With Panda Internet Security, you can finally browse the web privately with the security you deserve.

Included with the program are parental controls to help you protect your children from things they should not see. They can browse the internet safely without the harm of malicious or adult related sites. You can even encrypt private files you don’t want them or anybody else to see if they are using your computer.

Panda works hard to ensure your computer experiences full protection and with over 20 years of experience, they deserve consumer trust. Many experts and businesses trust their protection software and so should you. Families can use Panda Internet Security to ensure they don’t go through a bout with identity theft or something else.

Instead of trusting a free software program or a program not proven to work, get Panda Internet Security. It performed better than all the other programs it was compared to in lab testing and even with the few things, that experts are not fond of, it still provides better security than most other choices.

Sure there are pop ups with security tips, but you can shut those off, and yes, the scan takes a little longer than other programs, but it also finds things other programs don’t. When looking at a top program like this one, it should be very easy to see why the experts recommend it so highly.

The Choice is Yours Panda Internet Security or Viruses

You can choose to go with another security program, but you will struggle to find one as good as this one. Hands down the independent labs tested and found that Panda Internet Security contains all the necessary tools to protect your computer and allow you to sleep better at night.

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