How to Get Top Search Engine Placement Without Tricking Google

How to get top search engine placement is the question every marketer asks because they realize that to achieve top SE ranking, they should be able to bring massive traffic to their website and therefore generate many sales.

Search Engine Optimization Placement Tips

  • Social Media and Social Bookmark Links – The importance of linking for SEO placement is critical, and receiving links from social media and the social bookmarking sites are still a valuable asset to any website.
  • If the website is not already linking to social media or to social bookmarking site like Delicious and Digg, then links should be sought and set up to increase the site’s placement and ranking in the SERPS. Google is expecting that links of this nature will be made a mainstay in the SEO strategies of all sites that seek higher rankings.
  • Loading Website Speed – Going forward, Google will emphasize the speed with which a website loads when considering ranking and the placement a website gets in the search engine results pages.
  • So emphasis must be placed on the optimization of the website to allow fast loading, because the faster it loads, the more prominence Google will give it in the SERPS.
  • Broken Links – Making it a point to check that your website’s links are still working will become even more important now because they will count when Google evaluates a website for increased ranking. Not only must these links be active but they must also go to a relevant location.
  • It is up to the business owner to ensure that the links on his websites remain active and that they are also relevant and quality links. It is far more important for links to be of quality than for there to be a lot of them. Quality over quantity will win in the ranks race anytime.
  • Bad Linking Practices –In the past Google has assessed certain linking practices to be against its suggestions for good SEO practices and advancing a website in the SERPS. Now Google has taken its suggestions a step further and is now penalizing websites for linking to known spammer sites, and receiving links from such sites.
  • Google is also penalizing websites for linking to link farms and other malicious sites. The onus is now on the webmaster to heed these warnings and avoid these penalties if he hopes to get better ranking in the search engines.
  • Regular checking of website links should be made a priority, and the checks should ensure that the site is not linked to spammers’ sites.
  • Design Quality Website – For the best results in the SERPS, website owners will have to ensure that they touch on all aspects of search engine optimization and the elements of web design so as to ensure for them a top placement in the search engines.
  • Not too long ago a website could rank quite highly on merely a few elements of good SEO, but that will no longer be possible today. Google is looking for a good overall quality in the design and optimization of websites to rank it highly.
  • So website owners will need to look again at their sites and ensure that they are easy to navigate, they are user-friendly, and the Meta data and titles tags should be properly formatted, accurate and relevant so that the search engines will be able to easily index the details.

How to get top search engine placement tips mentioned above should be followed to get ahead of the competition and to stay there. It is particularly important in view of the latest Google crackdown, known as Caffeine, and if they are followed, you could look forward to getting a better placement in the SERPS.

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