Why Using YouTube Promotion Software can Be a Bad Idea


What is YouTube Promotion Software?

YouTube promotion software is exactly what it sounds like. It is software that increases your video views in order to get you a higher ranking for your video on YouTube. This is something that many people think will help them, but in the long run they may be destroying all the hard work they have put in.

Why would someone consider using YouTube promotion software? Simple, this type of software is marketed in a way that is very strong. It is marketed to make you believe that it is that answer you have found to all your online marketing issues. They promise you the world and all they deliver is a black hat tool that does more damage than good.

What can Happen if you Use YouTube promotion software?

If you decide that you want to use YouTube promotion software, then you could end up having your account banned from YouTube. This used to work and it worked great by increasing your views and getting you more real views. The software would use internet proxies in order to give your video fake views that counted towards your total count.

Typically this type of software would make you have to leave your computer running all night and some would even get a second computer in order to just run this software. Obviously this does not sound like something that is ethical and going to work for a very long time and it does not work for very long.

There are new types of services and software that will do this and will do it without the proxies, but this is not a great thing. The YouTube promotion software that is out there right now is going to continue to find loopholes, but this will not benefit your business for the long run.

Google now owns YouTube, which means YouTube has gotten smarter. Google continues to get smarter and smarter every single time these programs come out that take advantage of a small hole they may have. This means that if you buy into the different YouTube promotion software programs you will only get traffic for a short amount of time.

The disadvantages of using YouTube promotion software greatly outweigh the advantages. If you are trying to build a business for the long run, then you need to know what can really happen to you if you use these types of programs. You will clearly see that they are not worth your time.

The Disadvantages of Using YouTube Promotion Software

The major disadvantage to using YouTube promotion software is that you are not going to be building your online business for the long run. When you do not build for the long run you can end up with a business that makes you a little bit of money now and completely folds later. Here is what you could be looking at.

Imagine that you started to use one of the YouTube promotion software and it works for you. You go from making a few hundred dollars every month to a full time income and you quit your job. Now this income lasts for about a year and you think you are doing very well, but without warning you watch your income drop back down to just a few hundred dollars a month.

What would this do to you, your family, and your livelihood? If you really want to build an online business you have to avoid these types of programs so that you can build a real business that will last for a very long time. This is much better than depending on YouTube promotion software to make you all your money.

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