Best Article Directories for Backlinks and Website Traffic


How to Submit to the Best Article Directories for Backlinks

Without doubt, article directories are a very powerful resource to use to gain powerful and fast backlinks to your websites. To gain these backlinks you will need to write articles and submit them to the best article directories. This, combined with the use of RSS feeds created by the posted articles, will produce for you a system of powerful backlinks for your websites.

There are many article directories available for use online, so the challenge would be to determine which ones will be the best to provide you with the quality backlinks you desire to help your website shoot to the top of the search engine results pages.

The top article directories will display a number of qualities that make them stand out from the rest, but among them the best must be chosen. What follows will describe how the best articles directories are determined from among the top rated directories for the purposes of getting the best results from your back linking campaigns.

How the Top Article Directories Affect Your Articles and Backlinks

  • Pagerank – This score is assigned by Google. The search engine (SE) determines if the website, in this case the article directory, provides valuable content for its readers.
  • A high rank is given if its site structure and linking meets well with the SE guidelines for quality in a website. The score given ranges from 0 to 10 with 10 being the highest rank – backlinks acquired from a PR 10 site, will automatically be assigned a higher value than other backlinks associated with a lower PR ranked site.
  • Pagerank value for any website can be viewed with page ranking software that are freely available online.
  • Number of Pages in Directory – Here the PR of the actual page your article is posted to will be determined by the total number of pages in the high PR ranked directory. The greater the number of pages on the site the more diluted the PR will be for the individual pages.
  • Number of Inbound Directory Links – The greater the number of inbound links to a directory, the more highly the directory will be ranked.  A directory will receive a 10 ranking if it should have more than 2 million inbound links.
  • Alexa Rating – This rating is given based on the quantity of traffic the site receives, and the rating system goes from 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest rating. If the Alexa rating given is greater than 5000, then that website will be rated zero. The value of the Alexa rating can be had from site.


The above qualities are the factors that go into determining the value of different websites in the view of the search engines, and the higher these values are for a website the greater the website is regarded, and they will become the best article directories for backlinks.

Getting the Most of Back Linking Campaigns

  • Initial Traffic Surge – When articles are first submitted to a directory there will be an initial surge of traffic because the directories already have some natural traffic. Later, as Google crawls your article and the link in it, a one-way backlink will be created to your website.
  • Mass Article Submission – An effective way to submit articles to article directories is to use article submission software to submit to a large number of directories at the same time. For best results, only the best article directories should be submitted to.
  • Role of RSS Feeds Submission – Combining the submission of articles with the submission of its RSS feeds is a powerful way to create additional backlinks. The articles that are posted in the article directories create their own RSS feeds that can be submitted to RSS aggregators which will then spread the article links across the Internet in a short period of time.
  • Mass Submission Of RSS Feeds – The RSS feeds from the directories can be submitted by mass-submission software to the best rated RSS aggregators to spread the article links across the Internet.


The best article directories for backlinks are those that are rated highly by the factors mentioned above, and the combination of the use of those sites and the submission of the RSS feeds generated by the these articles to RSS aggregators, create a system of very valuable backlinks to any website.



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