Which are the Best Article Directories 2011?

Generally, the best article directories 2011 are sought out by marketers looking to post their unique articles in exchange for an inbound link from the directory to their websites.

These links are positioned in the author resource box of the article.  Article directories are also sought out by other marketers and people in general, who are seeking good information on a variety of topics.

Article directories then, trade quality content for quality backlinks, as well as provide quality information for those seeking to be informed on a particular topic.  There are many variables that determine the relative value of an article directory.

These include the Google page rank – a 0 to 10 rating is given and 10 is the highest rating. The Alexa ranking – that specifies the amount of traffic the site receives, and a rating of 1 is the highest.

The directory inlinks amount – this states the number of inbound links the site receives. The directory page amount is another valuable measure, and it refers to the number of pages in the site. Lastly, the PR of the directory home page is another variable that determines the value of an article directory.

Article directories with the highest ratings in all these categories are considered the highest rated directories, but these high ratings do not mean that they are all considered the best in terms of the quality of back links they can provide to a submitter’s website.

Also,  it  does not mean that they contain the best quality of articles. What follows give important pointers to determine the best article directories011.

How to Determine the Best Article Directories 2011

  • Page Rank – Given the qualities of the top article directories listed above, the choice of the best directories will start with a high PR directory since they are already identified as valuable directories in the eyes of Google.
  • That being the case, your articles will be helped in reaching to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPS) for your targeted keywords, when searchers look for those keywords in the search engines.
  • Check the Directory Rules – Carefully read the rules of the directories in regards to the quality of the articles they accept for submission. A big clue to the quality of the articles in a particular directory is the presence of human personnel checking the article quality.
  • If the directory accepts all articles submitted, then the quality of the articles in the directory will not be good and anything will be accepted. Avoid these directories at all costs.
  • Look for Fast Review – After you have selected directories with a human approval system, select the ones with the fastest approval times. Usually these approvals waiting periods will vary between 5 and 10 days, so do not wait longer than that for article approval.
  • Success Leaves Clues – Look to those directories that are utilized by well-known names in your industry or by successful article marketers. The article directories they have chosen to work with for years must be benefiting their article marketing goals, so the choice of that article directory would be a good one for you to make also.
  • Ads in Directory – Some article directories will allow articles to contain blatant advertising, sales pitches and self-serving links. These are features that will not be rated well be the major search engines and so will hurt your articles chances of achieving high rankings in the search engine results pages. Article directories that allow these things are to be avoided altogether.
  • Directory Support – Some excellent article directories provide support to their contributors in the form of advice on better writing, newsletters intended to provide advice and tips on running great article marketing campaigns and improving the quality of your articles.
  • These are good examples of article directories to give preference to when it comes to submitting your articles.

Although there are a large number of article directories online today, not all need to be used by a marketer to get the best value for the inbound inks he is attempting to get for his website.

Only the best article directories 2011 should be used as these are the ones that will give him the best value for the content he provides in exchange for a backlink to his website.

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