The Reasons SEO Copywriters Are Kick Ass

Content is something that you can have a lot of fun with – but only if you’ve got control over the content itself.  Having the ability to write isn’t a trait that everyone possesses, but businesses with the best content generally rule their niche on the internet.  Readers are fickle, and the best writers know it, and know how to shake up their SEO content for exactly those purposes.  And that’s why I think Panda was a great thing.

The earthquake, codenamed Panda

Google’s last major algorithm update, nicknamed Panda, was a game changer for many copywriters, creating a world that didn’t quite work the same way as it did before the update.  And that world was the source of income and authority for many of those writers and their clients. It’s vital to understand though, that with these changes, the field is generally level, and anyone can now become king of their niche – with good content, and good SEO practices.
You don’t need to use shady practices either – following basic SEO guidelines will give you the opportunity to ensure that your content is perfect.

Give them a good framework

I think that your website should basically be designed to feature your content and ensure that your keywords are front and center for search engines, while information is front and center for readers.  Many people find that creating websites becomes easier on a framework such as WordPress, but your SEO copywriter probably won’t be involved in this consideration.  If you’re building a site from scratch however, you might find that your SEO copywriters request WordPress – it’s becoming more common for teams to specialize in content working on WordPress.  While this might seem tiresome at first, or difficult, it’s really not.  Your SEO copywriters will often post direct to the site if you hire them to, but that would need to be specified at hire.

Create your own earthquakes

If you’re really interested in changing the layout of your niche and becoming top of the pile, you need to create an aggressive content plan with your SEO copywriter that focuses on a minimum of three areas:

  1. Your industry – create content that is valuable from an industry perspective and you’ll attract commentators, those interested in the internals of your company, developments, perspectives and more.  It’s important to produce some of this content so that people can see that you’re current, but you’ve also got to strike a balance of talking about what other people are talking about to, to demonstrate engagement
    Tip – you can do so by setting up a Google alert on your keyword, and looking for the news that comes up around it, and the other areas that your business are interested in.
  2. Your customers – if your customers are producing content for you, such as testimonials, this is a great place for your copywriter to mine for information, but if not, think about what your customers would talk about and produce content around that.  It’s not difficult to do, in most cases.  Ensure that it’s believable, even if your testimonials are absolutely glowing, and tell a bit of a story.
    Tip – customers are passionate when they like your products or services – so ensure you keep them engaged.
  3. A professional, or hybrid perspective – the perspective that merges the customer and the industry is the most powerful and the least used.  It’s also the most difficult to write, so find a really strong team of SEO copywriters to tackle this.  Whether its whitepapers geared at giving your customers case studies, or industry commentary that can double as a brochure for your company, this hybrid perspective is perfect to really get to the top of your niche.
    Tip – remember that your industry might also be made up of your customers and other readers, so you can create content that appeals broad scale that works infinitely harder.

Apple Copywriting believes hybrid content that really works for you is essential. Don’t overlook the ability that SEO copywriters often have to create really compelling, powerful content that works for you at all times.


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