Do You Need SEO Copywriting?

One of the major considerations people need to look at when choosing whether to use someone who provides SEO copywriting is whether they’ve had to hire someone because their current content isn’t seeing results or if they’re starting from scratch.  It makes a vast difference to the way content and SEO copywriting services are quoted and can save you a lot of heartache in the end.

It  could reduce your budget and while you’re possibly going to be giving them content that you wrote, which may not work quite the way you like, SEO copywriters in some cases can take existing content and rewrite it faster than creating from scratch.

When you’re creating from scratch

I think it’s vitally important to ensure that if you’re creating content from scratch that you’ve got a strong idea of where your keywords are, and how they’re designed around the content that you require.  For example, while using highly technical terms on your page is fine, it might not work as well in blogs.
Making it engaging is one of the most difficult as appealing to as many people as possible can be incredibly difficult.   SEO copywriting is one of the major areas that can make or break a business, and it is important to ensure that your content is not only interesting, but engaging and understandable.  Making sure that your content is perfect, is one of the major problems that many people have, but perfect content often lacks a spark.  It’s therefore just as important to ensure that you’re creating content that people can engage with.

Content engagement 101

Any copywriter will know how to make compelling content that works for you, but there are three key areas that you need to consider before deciding whether your content is perfect for your needs.

  1. Is it well written – does it excite you?  If it doesn’t excite you, what chance does it have to excite your readers?  Is there any chance someone will link to it, or will they simply look at it and think that it’s not worth it?  Exciting content is not only easy to read, but is linked to widely and people talk about it.  If you can generate commentary, or debate, more the better and you’ll find that many people ultimately view your site.
  2. Is it evergreen?  Evergreen content is content that doesn’t expire.  It’s of vital importance though, to ensure that your content is not only evergreen, but isn’t too vague.  Vague content is a bigger sin than content that’s targeted to expire after any period of time.  Content that expires should be archives and denoted, but can still be used, especially if there’s a ‘history’.  Consider using that for retired or limited edition products if you manufacture items – if you have expiring service information, consider showing what your ‘big projects’ have been.  Remember though that the majority of your site has to be current, and fresh, no matter when a person accesses it.
  3. Does it work for your company – everything from tone to layout will reflect on your company, so you do need to ensure that you are satisfied with the content and other elements.  Once you’re satisfied with all of it, you can post it wherever you want, and use it within the needs of your site.

Creating evergreen, well written content that reflects well on your company is a major headache for companies and Apple Copywriting can help you with SEO copywriting.

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