Is it Good to Use Online Marketing Software or Not?


What are the Types of Online Marketing Software that you Can use for Success?

When it comes to online marketing software you have to understand that there are some types of software that will help your marketing efforts and there are other types that can hurt your efforts. It really depends on your goals and whether you are trying to make a little bit of money now or a good amount of money now and in the future.

Many have used what is known as black hat techniques for online marketing that includes a few different types of online marketing software, which can work for the short term, but not for the long term. Typically this software is designed to take advantage of a “loophole” in a search engine, article directory or other means for marketing.

How can Online Marketing Software Hurt You?

If you decide you are going to use software for your online marketing efforts and you choose something that is considered black hat it is a bit like a hacker knowing how to get into a computer. Even though the method you are using the software for may not be illegal it will not work well for the long run.

The new Google algorithms are a perfect example of this. Many types of online marketing software programs were set up specifically to take advantage of the old way Google decided on site ranking. They may have been set up to create a ton of backlinks or to stuff keywords for ranking purposes.

Well, now those websites and marketers that used the online marketing software to get ranking on Google have seen their businesses go bankrupt and go from a ton of traffic to very little. This is because they were using grey to black hat methods of marketing that were not illegal, but also not really ethical.

When you decide to take this route you are basically trying to cut corners and anytime you cut corners it will only last for so long. Another example is those that used to buy traffic to their articles on Ezine Articles to get them listed on the “most viewed” list below all the articles in the category. This used to work very well, but Ezine Articles caught on and it no longer works at all.

How can Online Marketing Software Help You?

Even though many types of online marketing software are aimed to convince you that the method will create a ton of traffic to your website overnight there are still some types of online marketing software that will help you out quite a bit. These are the ones that just make some of the tasks you need to perform easier or less time consumer.

One of the best types of online marketing software is software that will mass submit an article to hundreds of article directories. You may have been told that this will build you backlinks too quickly, but that is a myth. Not all article directories will approve your articles immediately so the backlinks will look very natural as only a handful of these directories will approve your article each day.

Another choice is online marketing software that will create and/or submit your RSS feeds to many different RSS aggregators. This is great because RSS feeds can bring you very good quality backlinks to more than just one page on your website. They also do not approve your feed all at once so it is safe to use these online marketing software programs as well.

Basically if you are afraid you may be using an online marketing software that is not good for your website you just need to ask yourself if it seems to be doing something that is ethical or not. If you are using software that is in any way, shape, or form trying to “trick” a search engine into ranking you higher, then you need to rethink your plan.

Stick with software programs that will build you natural backlinks and give you a large amount of control over what you do. The best ones are articles submission, RSS feed submission, social bookmarking, and software that are made to save you time. Avoid the online marketing software that seem shady or you could ruin a great website very fast.

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