A Beginners Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

What is a Search Engine Optimization Tutorial About?

Using a beginner’s search engine optimization tutorial will help you to know some of the basics of good SEO. Without the right search engine optimization, you may never see the type of traffic you are after. Understand that there are many ways to get traffic, but organic ranking within the search engines makes up for over 60% of the online traffic generated every single day.

This means that if you want to use the largest source of traffic for your website or blog, you need to pay close attention to our search engine optimization tutorial. We will guide you through some of the things you should know about when writing content, setting up your site, and choosing your domain name.

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial – Writing Content

Content is still one of the most important parts of your website or blog and with the right SEO tips, you can gain higher ranking from your content. The best thing you can do is choose a main keyword phrase or a theme to write about. Then, you want to use the keyword phrase and related keyword phrases throughout the content.

Using headers can help and if you want to get the most out of your content, add a picture with the main keyword or theme as the ALT tag. This will do more for you than most anything else within the content. Make sure you don’t stuff the keyword phrase in there too much as this can actually hurt you.

Start by taking the main theme or keyword and searching for it on Google or Yahoo. Look at the content that is currently listed at the top of the search engine rankings. This will give you a good idea of what they are doing to get listed there. If they have really long content, then you may want to consider making yours long, as well.

Most SEO experts are finding that content of 1,000 words or more is ranking better in Google than content of 500 words or less. This is not always the case, but more and more it is becoming necessary to have longer content to gain higher ranking. If you want to make money online and you want to use your content to do so, you need to use this part of our search engine optimization tutorial.

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial – Site and Domain Name

Another important part of this search engine optimization tutorial is choosing the right domain name. There are two ways to go with your domain name choice. One, you can brand your company name by getting yourcompanyname.com, and two, you can choose a main keyword and get a domain name like yourmainkeyword.com.

Both of these are good for SEO and if you are trying to brand a specific company or product, it is recommended to use it in the domain name. However, those trying to market around keyword phrases will do better with having the main keyword phrase within the domain name.

In addition, the dot com domains rank better than any of the others, but you can still do quite well with the dot net or the dot org. Choose the one that is available for you or get all three if you want. Just be sure you have a solid domain name with either your company name or a main keyword phrase.

Setting up your site is the final part of this search engine optimization tutorial and the best way to do this is with WordPress hosting. Choosing a good hosting company will make a difference as the faster your site loads, the better it will rank. With WordPress hosting you will be able to use WordPress to manage the SEO of your site.

There are plugins that will help you take advantage of using Meta Tags and other parts of the code without you having to know how to code this yourself. WordPress is the beginner’s choice for blogging and building a website and if you use it in combination with the tips in this search engine optimization tutorial, you will certainly rank higher.

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