The Direction of Google in 2011


What is the Direction that Google is Planning to take in 2011?

There has been quite a bit of discussion already this year about where Google might be planning to go in 2011. This has been a hot topic in many forums and on many blogs. The reason being is that many efforts to perform proper SEO (search engine optimization) are based around Google and their algorithms. This is why the smart marketers are not looking for the so called “holes” in Google’s search engine algorithms because these holes will only exist for a short amount of time and marketing should be aimed at the long term not the short term.

Google is in the middle of making a transition that will completely affect those that use internet marketing and SEO to gain traffic and profits. These changes include changing into “the answer engine”, using their vast resources to continue to dominate the internet, and giving more review sites higher rankings.

Google Becoming The Answer Engine

Google has changed the way their search engine works. Before if you typed in a word looking for the definition you would find search results like normal. The new Google will be much different. For example, if you type in “definition golf” the definition of golf is going to show right at the top of the results with all other websites below it. This means a decrease in traffic for those websites that are below the definition.

Google Connecting with their Vast Resources

Google is connected with nearly everything that happens online and they are slowly becoming the internet. There is really no other competitor for them and they are able to use their vast resources to improve the search results for those that are using Google for searching. This, along with, becoming the answer engine, means that Google is going to make their searches better for the users, but it will not benefit the publishers.

Review Sites and Brand Loyalty

The other huge change that Google is going to be making is they are going to be giving more clout to the review sites that are out there. They have been headed in this direction for quite some time now and they are nearly there. They will also be making it much more difficult for an affiliate to compete without a branding strategy.

Google is not quite there yet with these changes, but some of them have already happened. They have made such large changes that major websites like have been forced to make changes as well. All the major sites want to continue to get love from Google in the search results and if they want to stay on page one or even page two they are going to have to make adjustments as well.

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