What are the Benefits of Using the Top Dofollow Article Directories?


How to Know if You have One of the Top Dofollow Article Directories

The top dofollow article directories are easy to find and most all article directories provide you with a dofollow backlink. There are only a few that do not and you can still use them if you would rather not spend the time to figure out if they are a dofollow or not. They can still provide you with traffic.

If you want to know if you have one of the top dofollow article directories you just need to view the source of the page and look to see if there is a nofollow tag in the links on the page. If there is, then it is not a dofollow directory and will not give you any backlinks whatsoever.

When you are building backlinks to your website or blog you really do need to have as many dofollow links as you can get that are of high quality. Nofollow links will do nothing to help you, but they can still bring traffic to your site. This means that you may not want to skip these directories considering it only takes a couple of minutes to submit an article to them.

The Benefits of Using the Top DoFollow Article Directories

1. Traffic

The easiest benefit to realize when you are using the top dofollow article directories is that you will get more traffic. This is going to come on a few different types. You will get direct traffic from the directory itself, traffic from having a higher search engine ranking, and you could get traffic from someone else using your article.

Typically if someone else picks up your article for their blog, newsletter, or website they have to include a link back to the article and your resource box or author bio box with it. This could bring you a ton of traffic because they may have a very high traffic blog or newsletter and thousands could see your article.

2. Backlinks

The top dofollow article directories will also provide you with a quality backlink to your website or blog. You will put this link back to your site or blog in the resource box or author bio box and this will help your search engine ranking. Since most article directories are considered to be of higher quality than other sites these backlinks are great.

If you only use the top dofollow article directories you will always have some quality backlinks to help boost your ranking with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com, and the other search engines that are out there. This could bring you a ton of traffic and you never know your article could be ranked right next to your website as well.

3. Recognition

Have you ever wondered how someone gets known as an expert in their field or industry? One way to do this is to use the top dofollow article directories and put up quality content. Yes you will still get traffic and a backlink, but if people start to recognize your name they might start searching for more writing from you.

Why you Have to Use The Top Dofollow Article Directories

If you are an internet marketer and you are not already using the top dofollow article directories, then you need to start. Get a list of about the top 10 to 20 article directories and use them all. There will only be a couple that are not dofollow, but they are high traffic enough that you want to use them anyway.

This will not only bring you direct and targeted traffic from the article directories, but it will also give your website or blog a bit of power in the search engine rankings. Sometimes it only takes a few quality backlinks to get you ranked in the top 5 and that means larger amounts of traffic to your site.

Plus if you can gain these benefits and start building up your profile as an expert in your industry it can mean a ton more traffic down the line. You need to be using the top dofollow article directories or you will be missing out on quite a bit.

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