The 7 Most Important Off Page SEO Factors


Why you Need to Use Off Page SEO

There are two basic types of SEO, on page SEO and off page SEO. If you use both of these properly you can get your webpages ranked in the search engines higher for the keyword phrases you are trying to rank for. It is important that you start by using proper on page SEO, but you will also need to use proper off page SEO to gain maximum ranking.

The 7 Most Important Off Page SEO Factors for your Website

1. Backlinks

This is one of the more important factors in how well you rank in the search engines. Backlinks are one way links from another webpage to your webpage. The more of these types of links you have the better.

2. The Quality of your Backlinks

Even though having more backlinks helps it is also necessary for you to have backlinks that are of quality. When you are doing your off page SEO you always want to have some backlinks that are from high PR website. These will help to boost your ranking faster than just having more backlinks in general.

3. The Anchor Text of your Backlinks

Another important factor in off page SEO is the anchor text that is linking to your webpage. You want to make the anchor text from the other websites the keyword phrase you are trying to get listed for. This will help to boost your ranking even higher.

4. How old your Website is

The age of your website will play a factor in how well you rank as well. This is why it may be smarter to purchase a domain name that has been around for a little while, than to start with one that is brand new. This may be more expensive, but it could help you rank higher as well.

5. Diversity in backlinks

You want to vary your backlinks as well. If all of your backlinks are coming from the same type of website, then it does not help you as much as it would if your off page SEO included backlinks from many different types of sites like forums, directories, article directories, blogs, and many other types of sites.

6. Sources of your Traffic

The more credible the sources of your traffic are the better you will rank. There are some black hat methods to building backlinks to your sites that you will want to avoid simply because the traffic you get from them is not very credible. These are usually very easy to spot and will only hurt your ranking.

7. Using Social Networking

Using the social networks will not only help you to build up many backlinks from having others sharing your site on their pages, but you will also be able to reach a large number of people with very little effort. This helps your site ranking quite a bit and it is highly recommended.

What Not to do For Off Page SEO

The last thing you want to do is build up backlinks so fast that is it obvious it was not natural. The search engines have gotten smarter and these types of tricks do not work very well. You can still use backlink services if you would like, however, you will want to use the ones that will make your backlinks slower.

If you build up hundreds or thousands of backlinks every single day, then you can easily get your website blacklisted with many of the search engines. This is not the type of off page SEO you want and instead you need to build natural backlinks over time.

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