Can you Still Benefit From the Article Marketing Sites 2011?

Business promotion online may involve any number of different approaches, including banner ads, social media marketing, PPC marketing, buying links, posting in forums, blogging and many other forms of marketing.

These are valuable an effect tools if used alone or in combination with one another, but one process that has been used for a long time and whose effectiveness has endured is the use of article marketing sites 2011. With these sites and directories you are able to effectively market your products and services, yourself and your website.

To get the best from article marketing sites certain procedures must be observed, and what follows give a plan of action for your article marketing campaigns.

Promoting with Article Marketing Sites 2011

  • Site or Directory Selection – It is important that you select the best article marketing sites to post your articles to. The best sites will have a high page rank, be very popular, be visited by millions of people monthly and must have an approval process that is supervised by human beings. In this way you will know that the site will not just accept any article that is submitted to it and that it has set very strict standards.
  • Read the Terms of Service – A very important part of the process of using article marketing sites or directories is becoming very familiar with the rules for use. These rules of the best article marketing sites will include such things as the minimum length of the articles submitted, the maximum keyword densities for the articles, unique and original content that is devoid of self-promotion and blatant advertising.
  • Another rule that is very strongly enforced is the decency rule that prohibits inappropriate and objectionable content. Becoming familiar with these rules will prevent delays in getting the articles approved and will also help you avoid rejection of your article.
  • Submission Tips – After completing the article according to the rules of the article site or directory you would be using, the next step would be to submit it the most appropriate category on the site. Glancing at submissions by other authors for the same topics, will tell you where best to submit the articles. Using the most appropriate categories will mean your articles will be more readily found online.
  • A good tip to follow is to make several submissions of the same article so that you will receive more incoming links to your website. This process can even be completed with mass –submission software in order to save time.
  • An important aspect of every article submitted is the author’s resource box at the bottom of the article.  The resource box is a very critical part of the article and the rules for its construction will vary with the article marketing site or directory you are using.
  • This is the section where you will be able to tastefully pitch your product, your business or yourself. It is also the section you will write a call to action in to entice the reader to take the next step.
  • Gentle persuasion has to be used to get the reader to click on the link provided in the resource box that will take them to your site.
  • Depending on the article site, the resource box will be word limited and may only contain 1 to 3 links – in most cases you will be able to use one URL and then 2 anchor text links.

The preceding description on article marketing sites 2011 should be closely followed to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your article marketing efforts.

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