Will the Best Article Marketing Software Really Help You?


What is the Best Article Marketing Software?

The proven value of article marketing to help achieve high search engine ranking and high placement in the search engine results pages (SERPs) is well known by all. However, despite its unique value to marketers, the process of article marketing is an extremely tedious and slow process.

There are many different article marketing software available today online. However, two of the best article marketing software is the voice recognition software and the article submission software.

A variety of article marketing strategies dominate the Internet these days, but one that has caught the attention of many marketers is the use of software to fully or partially automate and speed up the process. Using the best software available will help your website become even more visible to a larger targeted audience.

The approach to using such software is to create qualify articles that will be useful to your targeted audience. Provide the all-important author resource box at the bottom of the article, and include in it 1 – 3 links, depending on the requirements of the article directory you are posting to.

Usually 1 link is the absolute link to your website and the other 2 links are hypertext links that use the main or other keywords  you are optimizing your website for.

The object is to submit these articles, with the use of the software, to reach your targeted audience who frequent the article directories you are submitting to. The software will help establish that valuable link with the article directory.

The search engines love strong quality links and will provide them with good link juice that will allow your site to climb in the search engine listings. Software programs for article marketing also provides non-reciprocal links that are much preferred by the SEs since they are much more natural and the SEs associate them with valuable content for readers.

Article Submission Software

This type of software allows for speedy submission of articles to the article directories. It should be noted however, that although many of these can provide you with submission to hundreds of article directories, the only directories that will give your website a boost are the quality high PR directories. So only select those for your submissions.

By high quality is meant those directories that have a human approval process. This is the only means to guarantee a high standard of article in the directories. Avoid those directories that will accept any article without an approval process, and without strict guidelines for article submissions.

The software will provide the article directory name and its PR rank. Select only 5 to 10 quality,  high PR directories to submit your articles to. The software will ask for the article title, a summary of the article, the article body, an author resource box, the category to post the article to and the keywords you are optimizing the article for.

Prior to submitting an article, you must have previously joined the directory, and submit your sign-on details in the submission panel. This information will be saved in the software so you need only enter it once.

After submitting these details for each article, the article is submitted with just the click of the mouse. The software will automatically log you into the directory and post your article in the category you requested.

The way to create more money and greater visibility is to create more articles and faster. Creating articles faster will certainly have its limits, but there is software that can help automate this process for you.

Voice Recognition Software

This software will help deal with the slow process of creating articles. The concept derived from the fact that most of us are able to talk faster than we can write – many can talk at 120 words per minute while the writing speed is just 40 words per minute.

Voice recognition software allows you to talk you article into a microphone and the software uses that recorded article to write it out for you. Dragon Naturally Speaking is one such software that helps you ‘create’ articles three times faster than you would be able to write them.

Initially, you will have to talk into the system to allow the software to get accustomed to your pattern of speech, so as to prevent errors in recording your words.

The two best article marketing software mentioned above can together provide a good strategy for promoting a website to the top of the SERPs. They provide the speed and an efficiency that can only be had in an automated process, and they do that without going counter to the TOS of the article directories that they are using.

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