Facebook Marketing Strategies You can Implement Now

There is a great deal of opportunity for business owners the world over on FaceBook because of its tremendous monetization potential – you can potentially expose your business products and services to millions of people.

There are over 500 million active daily users on this social media site and it is the second largest website on the Internet, second only to Google. Yet despite this great potential, and the staggering number of daily visitors, marketing on FaceBook will only be successful if done in the right way.

What follows are 3 necessary FaceBook marketing strategies for a successful campaign.

Give Valuable Content

  • Simply giving valuable content is not all it takes to successfully market to the users on FaceBook. In fact, that giving of valuable content has to be done in a way that will allow your fans to get to know you are a person. Facebook is a social media site and people are there to connect with others and not to research products and information – they are seeking out other people.
  • People want to know who you are before they want to hear about your business, so you will need to develop camaraderie, rapport and trust in you as a person, before they will even consider trusting your product or service. Gaining  their trust is the first important goal to achieve before you cam market to your potential customers.
  • Providing useful information on your niche product or service will develop the trust in you as an expert in the field. At this point you will not promote your business but will simply assist others in whatever way you can. Allow yourself to develop relationships with others and to become known as help and trustworthy.

Build Powerful FaceBook Ads

  • Creating ads is a powerful way to get potential customers, because, on FaceBook,  users fill out their personal details on their profiles, including their hobbies and likes. This information can be accessed as a starting pointy for targeting prospective customers with your business advertising.
  • It should also be realized that the quickest growing Facebook demographic is the 40 year old adult, and mainly women. Knowing the users’ preferences  will allow you to design, the ads using the targeted, title, body, copy and a relevant image to promote specifically to this group.
  • Quite different rules of advertising apply within the FaceBook environment as opposed to what most marketers are accustomed to when working to optimize with the search engines. There are far fewer strict rules and, in fact, there exists a much laxer atmosphere within the FaceBook environment.
  • Users will use the like buttons to like the Fanpage, their friends will also get to know the pages and this will create greater visibility for your business brand and your ad.


Participate Actively On FaceBook

  • Users on FaceBook are there to connect with other people, so connecting and communicating with others must be your first priority on the site. You may participate by taking an interest in the posts and comments of others and add your own comments and posts.
  • Maintaining a professional demeanor is important and giving valuable advice and helpful tips to anyone who may need it. After you have gained the trust of users you may make suggestions for services and products  that may be helpful. This should however be done infrequently, about once or twice a week at most.  


Following these proper FaceBook marketing strategies will lead to more successful marketing campaigns on that site. Given the staggering number of users who are active daily on the site, there is a huge opportunity to generate an almost endless supply of prospective customers and leads for your business, but only if the proper marketing strategies are followed.



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