Finding and Using the Best FaceBook Marketing Tips

More and more businesses are marketing on Facebook these days. It is a platform that all businesses should have a presence on if they want to stay ahead of the competition. However, since Facebook is a social media site, marketing on it is a little different from what most people are accustomed to. Facebook has more than 500 million users and it is an excellent marketing tool.

The mindset of people on Facebook is to network and to have fun, they are not there to look for information and research products, but to look for other people. What follows are 5 Facebook marketing tips that will assist your business gain visibility on this social media site.

Create a Fan Page – This is a must for every webmaster. It is very easily done by following the instructions on FaceBook itself. After the Fanpage is created, you will be able to create a following of fans when the like button is clicked. This allows you to share whatever you put on your Fanpage with your list of fans who will receive your updates through their feeds.

Once the fan page is created, you can get a like box widget, configure it then add it to your website. Your friends and their friends as well as the traffic your web pages bring from the search engines can also join your fan page and get your update feeds.

You can create a welcome page on the Fanpage and provide links on it to other profile pages such as Stumble and Twitter. RSS subscriptions may also be added to provide you with additional subscribers.

Accept More Friends Requests – Accepting friend requests is another good way to increase your friends on FaceBook. By getting more friends you will be able to get more people to like your site by messaging or suggesting that they join you. Make sure that your profile has the same information that you are sharing on your fan page, because those friends who are not yet fans will be updated with your posts and will get the opportunity to become your fans also.

Create Paid Advertisements – Using the paid advertising feature on Facebook, you can build your brand name by advertising your website’s products on the FaceBook pages. The ad will appear on FaceBook to a targeted niche audience who have already indicated through their profiles that they are interested in your products. Payment is made directly to Facebook and the placement of such ads will significantly increase your traffic to the site.

Provide Interesting Statuses – Be mindful not to bombard your fans with updates to your Fanpage. It is reasonable to share no more than 2 links in a day, otherwise there is a good possibility that they may become irritated by your updates and they will unlike your page. Work on creating interesting statuses to hold the interest of your fans because they seek to be updated as well as entertained.


Make FaceBook Applications Create a Facebook application that might be of interest to your FaceBook fans and link it to your website. As the popularity of the applications grow, you will start generating some traffic from it.

Becoming knowledgeable in the social media strategies is a cutting-edge and innovative way for a business to stay ahead of its competition, and utilizing the power of Facebook marketing is an opportunity that should not be missed by any business.

These Facebook marketing tips will help your business gain a valuable foothold on this social media site, but the best approach, having learned the basics of the site, is to explore the site and get to find out what will work for your business, and at the same time ensure that with everything that you do, you are also building an email list.

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