How You can Get Followers on Twitter

6 Tips to Get Tons of Followers on Twitter for Small Business Marketing

Most businesses around the world today have some kind of online presence and especially with Twitter which gives them an instant way to communicate as a business with their prospective, current and past customers. How to get followers on Twitter is an important consideration for most businesses.

Getting a large number of followers on Twitter is required to effectively market on that social media, and in much the same way as email marketing requires a large responsive following to be effective.

Unfortunately, not many business owners are aware of how powerful a marketing tool Twitter can play in their business’ overall performance. Using this social media platform is a great way to gain a greater visibility for any business.

The quality of your followers is of paramount importance, meaning that they should be targeted, but at the same time, the number of followers is also important to the business’ success.  The following tips will help in getting more followers on Twitter.

1. Write Useful Tweets

  • Ensure that the information you provide in your tweets is always of a very high quality so that people will be eager to continue following your tweets. Even though the tweets may be short, make the most of it to provide a complete message.

2. Engage Others In Your Own Industry on Twitter

  • Seek out the tags others in your own industry are using on Twitter, and use them to link tweets together. For example, you may use the tags of others in your tweets and recommend them to your followers – in this way you can easily get more targeted followers.
  • Use Twitter’s own search engine to conduct highly targeted searches for your target audience. You can use the advanced option,  and with just a click of a button, you will be able to search by city, by state, and even within your own local area for your target audience.
  • There can be no better targeted search to provide you with the best followers you can get.

3. Become a Follower of Others in Your Industry

  • If you follow others in your industry, they will often follow you in return. This is a good tactic to increase your targeted followers.  The key is to only follow those who are related to your industry or else there will be no gain for your business.
  • Your aim should be to join the conversation that is already happening and observe what these other businesses are doing. It will give you some ideas for what your own tweets can be about.
  • You may even follow some of their followers, only do so for a few, perhaps 10-20 of them, and you will be able to see the people that twitter lists as following them.
  • You should be able to decipher who on the list is a part of your target audience, and add up to 20 of them. Be selective when adding and only add a few at a time for fear that your account may be banned.

4. Find and Re-tweet Helpful Tweets

  • In addition to tweeting useful and quality tweets yourself, it is equally helpful to re-tweet useful and quality tweets of others in your industry. A beneficial result of doing so would be that they would follow you in return.

5. Achieve a Balance between Pleasure and Business

  • There must be a balance in the way you present yourself on Twitter. It is primarily a social networking site and business is in a secondary position. So it is important to not over do the promotion and news feeds on your business products.
  • However, even though your followers are following you because of your role in your business, they will not welcome a constant barrage of information on your personal life. It is important to find a perfect mix of personal and business information to present.

6. Advertise Your Twitter Page

  • For your Twitter marketing efforts to be successful, you should take advantage of all your business acquaintances and let them know, every opportunity you get, that you have a Twitter page and that you would like then to follow you.
  • You can place a link to your Twitter page in your signature of the emails you send to business acquaintances so the link will be visible to anyone who reads your replies.
  • In your newsletters to your customers, let them know that you have a Twitter page and invite them to click on the link and follow you on Twitter.
  • Chances are very good that they would if they already have an account on that site. This simple step will grow you list quite quickly as people seeing your customers’ tweets will be encouraged to follow also.
  • The aim is not to get thousands of followers a day, but to get 20 to so on a consistent basis.

All businesses should get followers on Twitter not only to stay connected with their customers, but to use it to gently market the business. The use of this social media is very strongly recommended for all businesses in order to stay ahead of the competition.

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