4 Honey Traps for Google Adwords


Google Adwords program is very popular amongst entrepreneurs running small and medium size businesses. Today when every one is connected to each other, business owners are looking to tap on the online customers. Hence they really want to put their business on the Internet so that people could come to know about their business.

Therefore the best possible way to do this in small interval of time is using a program called Google Adwords. Google Adwords can help them in doing this. In fact Google Inc earns its revenue from this program only. However for a newcomer Adwords can be a honey trap. One can make serious blunders with it, some of them are mentioned below. So take note of them before you plan to plunge into this venture.

Adjusting Budget

No free lunch. In Google Adwords you have to pay an amount in advance to use this service. You have to set up your daily budget. In Adwords you basically bid for keyword ads. Adwords charges you money on daily basis for showing ads created by you. These ads basically show up on the right hand side of the Google search. Moreover you have to pay if someone clicks on those ads.

Therefore to show every time on Google search you have to pay more. Google will show up only those ads whose advertisers are bidding highest. So the money is daily deducted from the budget you set up. Your budget can be $100 to $400 on daily basis. If your balance becomes zero then Google will stop showing ads. Hence I would say adjusting budgets is really a great challenge.

Creating Ads

Google Adwords

Next honey trap would be creating ads. Just bidding for highest keywords is not enough my dear. You also have to create attractive ads to capture the imagination of people. It is likely to happen that you might be a good business man but not a good advertiser who can create ads. In this case you may need to hire an advertiser who can create attractive ads.

Your ads will have two headlines and in only those two lines you have to tell all the benefits of your product that you are selling. So this could be a great challenge. Moreover you have to keep experimenting. So you have to create dozens of ads and keep track of them to know which ad is attracting more customers.

Landing Pages

Trap is not yet over. Next is creating landing pages. Now what is a landing page? Well! When people or visitors will click on the ads that you created they will land on some website or blog where you as a business owner or as an affiliate marketer would be selling a product.

If your quality of the website or blog where a visitors lands is not of good quality then Google may start deducting extra money from your daily budget which is already set. That means if you have set your budget $100 for a day and for each single click on the ad your set amount is $1 then Google may charge $5 to $10 extra instead of $1. We call it Google SLAP. Yes Google slaps you because the quality of landing page is very bad. Hence always create websites of good quality.

Breaking EvenĀ 

Even after such a hard work it is not sure that you will make profit or even will be able to break even. In fact profit comes later first you have to break even, that is you are able to get back the money which you spent on running Adwords campaign daily. If your daily budget is around $100 then you should make $100 by selling products to people through ads you created. Many of them are not able to break even and they quit the Adwords programs. Hence Adwords is a complex program and you must be ready to waste some money initially. You must have money to afford experimentation.


Google Adwords is a great way to generate traffic in short time. However there are some honey traps. First one is setting up your daily budget, second one is creating attractive ads, third one is avoiding Google slap by creating good quality landing pages and finally there is no guarantee that you may earn profit at the end of the day.


Pritam Nagrale is an internet marketer and blogger who writes on Jobs8Home about make money ideas. If you are searching for an income opporunity, you can visit his blog.

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