Using the High PR Article Directories for Backlinks and Traffic

If you are looking for high PR article directories and you query the search engines, you will receive results pages that show a large number of them. However,  it is not possible to adequately deal with all the high PR directories you find, and  it is not even necessary.

Their high rank assures that you will receive a great value for your article submissions to them, and in fact, dealing with just 10 or even 5 such directories will give you the results you are seeking. The approach should be to make consistent submissions, submit only quality articles, and you will receive very good results without wasting time and money.

Why Care About Page Rank?

The concept of page rank was conceived by Google as a way to assign a score (a value from 1 to 10) to the popularity of a website’s link. It is a valuation made on the quality and the quantity of the links that are pointing to a specific website.

Page rank scoring is specific to Google and is a part of its overall algorithm, which no one apart from Google knows how it is calculated. However, the other search engines do have their own ratings based on website popularity, but page rank is specific to Google.

The end result is that websites that have a higher PR will be positioned higher in the search engine results pages (SERPS) and will appear there much more often than other websites with lower rankings.

That being said, however, a high PR does not always guarantee a website that it will have high rankings, and a low PR site could certainly get a high positioning in the SERPS.

Checking Page Rank

There are a number of online tools that will allow you to check the page rank of a website, but an easy way to determine what it is for a site, is to use the Google Toolbar. This free tool is available for a number of different browsers, and can be downloaded and installed in a matter of a few seconds.

The Value of High PR Article Directories

There are a number of ways you can benefit from submitting articles to high PR directories and the following shows how:

–          Faster Indexing – This quality of the directory means that the search engines visit them on a regular basis. By submitting an article with the essential resource box link back to your website, that site will be indexed much faster than normal.

–          Gain Valuable Back Links – Submitting articles to high PR directories will gain for you a high quality back link to your website. It would be a one-way link that Google values, and it will boost your website’s ranking in the search engines. However, care should be taken to not excessively submit links in this way, because your site or your content would be interpreted as spam.

–          Viral Advertising and Site Visibility – A great advantage of using high PR directories is that because they are so popular and receive a large volume of visitors, your articles are easily seen by millions of people looking for information. Also, because of the variety of categories of subjects covered by these directories, other webmasters are looking for articles of quality to reprint on their own websites for the benefit of their subscribers.

–          When your articles are re-printed in this way, it provides for you enormous free viral advertising and your website will become more visible in the eyes of your targeted audience. When articles are reprinted, it is required that the resource box be left intact so that the original author gets credited, and it will greatly benefit his site with the additional traffic it receives.

The above description showed the benefits of submitting content to high PR article directories. In addition to those benefits, the use of them comes totally free of charge.

If article marketing is part of your marketing strategy for your website, the process can be automated to save time by using software that will mass submit to a number of selected directories. Just remember that less is more, and no more than 5 or 10 such directories are needed as part of an effective article marketing campaign.

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