Using Small Business Marketing Blogs to Drive More Traffic


How to Use Small Business Marketing Blogs for More than Just Affiliate Marketing

Small business marketing blogs are no longer just for affiliate marketers that are promoting ad space and products for commissions. These types of blogs can also be used for small businesses that promote their own products and even for businesses that need to keep their web traffic local. There are many ways to go about using these types of blogs.

Blogging is huge on the internet and this is specifically because most of the people that go online and search are looking for information. Using small business marketing blogs is a great way to deliver information about your industry, business, and products to the masses or to a more concentrated area.

Using Small Business Marketing Blogs to Find New Customers

Blogs are very powerful and if you want to use small business marketing blogs to get more traffic to your business website and find new customers, then you need to know a few things. Blogs are basically for sharing information with anybody that wants to find it and read it. You can teach someone something or just inform them depending on your industry and your business.

For example, if you are a photographer and you do freelance work all over the world, then you can promote your current work and your upcoming work with a blog. This is a great way to keep your clientele informed as to what you are working on, where you are going to be, and when they will be able to use your services again.

You can use small business marketing blogs as a photographer to make sure you have business in the major areas you travel to. If you travel to New York, Denver, Charlotte, Orlando, and San Diego regularly, then you can put up posts that have keywords that are more localized to these areas.

Most internet marketers will use small business marketing blogs to target a specific keyword phrase like “professional photography”, but the only problem is that you may get visitors from places you do not do work in. You can simply make these keyword phrases more localized and target “San Diego Professional Photography”. You can even go one step further and target a smaller area in San Diego like “Carlsbad Professional Photography”.

This is a great way to get localized and more controlled traffic to your blog and to your website from there. This can help if you do not ship to all the countries in the world or if you sell a service that is not all over the world yet. This will capture traffic from the search engines for those that search more locally and this can turn into quite a bit of business for you.

Why Use Small Business Marketing Blogs if you Already have a Website?

Why should you use both your website and small business marketing blogs? The answer is simple and it is basically that you do not want to litter your website with content that will make it less user friendly. Your website is like your store that someone can go to and purchase products or services.

The blog on the other hand is somewhere they can go to find out what you are up to and what you will be doing next. This is more of an informational stream that is connected to your actual website. You can even have small business marketing blogs that target smaller portions of your industry and point to specific products or services that you offer.

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