5 Steps to Help you Start a Blog Properly

Why Would You Want to Start a Blog?

Many people want to start a blog simply because they are trying to make money online. Others start a blog because they just want to share information with the large online world that is out there and they want to share their opinions or passions. Either reason is a good one for starting a blog and it is not all that hard to start a blog either.

You will need a few things before you can really get started and you will have to make a few decisions to help you along the way with blogging. Blogging is a bit of an art and many people do not understand that in order to blog properly you have to be able to use the right platform, the right blog hosting, and you also have to know how to market your blog as well.

This is very true when it comes to a blog that you put up in order to make money. If you make sure you choose the right blog hosting and you also get the right platform the rest will be much easier for you. Below you are going to find a five step process to help you learn how to put up a blog and get it out there to the masses quickly.

The 5 Step Plan to Help you Start a Blog

1. Domain Name and Hosting

The first thing you have to get is a domain name of your own for your blog and a hosting account. This is probably the most important step because without your own domain name that is keyword targeted and your own hosting account you will struggle with the rest of the steps in this plan. You have to have a great blog host or you will be setting yourself up to fail instead of for success.

Start by understanding that you do not necessarily want the cheapest website hosting and you also do not want free hosting. Google web hosting is free hosting that many people choose because it is free, but this can make it very difficult on you to get everything you need to put up a good blog that will help you achieve your goals.

This is also true about the cheapest website hosting because it does not always give you the platform you need and it is always best to go with a better blog host. You should try finding one of the top web hosting companies that is listed in the top ten hosting companies for 2011. These are usually very good blog hosts that are very reliable.

2. Platform

With a good blog hosting company you are going to get a few platforms to work with for blogging. These are usually in the Fantastico script and you will get to choose between Joomla and WordPress, mainly. Joomla is a bit more advances and is not as easy for the beginner to use and WordPress is probably the most popular choice for your platform.

The platform is what gives you the backend system that you will use and this is where you will control everything you need to control for your blog. You are going to want to make yourself very familiar with this back end and if you use WordPress there are many videos and articles about how to use the different parts of the system.

3. Design

The design of your blog is very important and when you start a blog and get to this point you will be able to start posting. You can use a free or paid theme to help with the design of your blog. You can also use widgets, plugins, and advanced coding to help you make your blog look however it is you want it to look.

4. Posting

Posting is probably one of the more important things when you start a blog. This is simply because if you are not posting to your blog regularly you are not going to be getting as much traffic as you could be getting. You want to make sure you are using proper search engine optimization in the posts so that you will get ranked higher on the search engines.

This will help you to get exactly what you need out of your blog and when you use search engine optimization properly you will be able to get more traffic to your site. This is a vital part of a blog when you are trying to make money getting traffic to your blog is very necessary. If you do not have traffic, then there is not point to starting a blog.

5. Marketing

Now you have some posts up and you want to make sure you get more traffic from your marketing efforts. By using search engine optimization in your posts you will rank higher, but you are also going to need backlinks and other ways of getting traffic as well. You can hire someone to create a large amount of backlinks for you, but you really want to have some good quality backlinks as well.

You can use article marketing to get some backlinks by writing an article for each post you put up when you start a blog and you will be able to submit this article out to many different places. This will help you to gain traffic and backlinks, which will help you to build up your blog and make money online.

Start a Blog with Proper Blog Hosting

There has been quite a bit already said about blog hosting, but it is so vital to your success that we have to end by talking about it again. Your blog host can literally make the difference between making $100 a month from your blog and $5,000 a month from your blog. If you have the best blog host and you actually use the tools you will have, then you can get more visitors and they will stick around longer.

This means that you have the time to market whatever it is you are marketing to them and you can get them to purchase or take any other action they need to in order to help you make money. This is very important and you have to make sure you get the right blog hosting or it is not even worth it to start a blog.

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