The Top 3 Ways to Use Blog Creation to Make Money

The Most Important Two Elements of Blog Creation

Blog creation is a great way to make money, but you will struggle quite a bit of you do not know about the two most important parts of blog creation. You have to get the best blog hosting you can find and you also have to have your own domain name. Without these two things you are going to struggle quite a bit and you will not make nearly as much money as you could.

The domain name is rather easy to get and you can find a good .com domain for around $12 a year. You want this to be a domain that is designed around your actual blog subject and it is even better if it contains the main keyword you are targeting. This helps you to brand your blog and also rank higher on the search engines, which means more traffic.

Blog hosting is important to blog creation because if you choose the wrong hosting you will struggle with getting the right blog platform and all the other options you need for blogging. You cannot go with the cheapest website hosting or with free hosting like the Google web host because these options will not give you everything you need.

Instead you need a blog host that comes from the top web hosting options and will give you the best blog hosting you can find. This is a very important part of your blog creation and you have to make sure you compare at least a few of the top ten hosting options before you settle on one of the blog hosts for your blog.

The Best 3 Ways to Use Blog Creation to Generate an Income

1. Affiliate Products

You can use blog creation to promote different affiliate products to make money. This basically means you are promoting somebody else’s product and when you generate a sale you are going to get a percentage or a flat fee commission. Many bloggers promote products and they make a full time living from doing so.

There are numerous websites that have affiliate products for you to choose from and they are typically free to join. If you use sites like Clickbank, Commission Junction, and ShareaSale you will have access to thousands of products that you can promote on your blog to help you make money. You can even promote the blog host that you are using because chances are they have an affiliate program.

2. Google AdSense

Even though Google web hosting is not good for you Google AdSense is. This is a program that allows you to place a block of code on your blog through a widget, a plugin, or the code of your actual blog and make money whenever someone clicks on an ad you display. You do not have to choose the ads and it is very easy to use.

They do require that you have a blog before you join or even apply, but they are free to join as well. You just have to build your blog and put some content on it before you apply to be a member of Google AdSense. Once you are a member you can display their ads on your site and if someone clicks on them you make a commission of what the advertiser paid for that ad.

3. Your Own Products

Another way to make money with blog creation is to promote products you carry in your store or have created yourself. This could be a physical product that you would actually ship or it could be a digital download like a software product or an eBook that you have put together. You will be able to generate sales from your blog and make money from the promotion of your products on it.

How Much can You Make with Blog Creation?

The amount of money you can make with blog creation is hard to say, but many have made this their full time income. The best part is that you can put up more than one blog if you have blog hosting that allows you to host more than one domain. This may be something you want to consider when you are choosing one of the many blog hosts.

You just have to create a blog and see if it makes you money. If it does not try putting a different type of monetization on it. Then, if it still does not make you money move onto another subject and another blog. Once you find one that makes you a little bit of money you can expand the blog creation on that one and build it up to a nice income.

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